Why VoIP is the next big thing in telecom sector?


VoIP has been praised by every telecom industry expert but only few people realize why it is really better than telephone. Finding the right logics needs an intelligent analysis of the whole scenario. Here is a logical comparison of both landline and VoIP service to see why it has got the edge.

Why VoIP is the next big thing in telecom sector

Cost advantages

The first major advantage that people have when they opt for VoIP or internet phone is the huge chunk of money that they save every month. Without this first major attraction no one had ever thought of switching to the home phone service in the first place. There are many different ways in which telephone users can save cost by switching to VoIP. The first way is to opt for a cheap VoIP like Axvoice and get a lot of cost offloaded from your pocket. Secondly, call rates are not only subsidized for the national destinations, you can also make phone calls to international destinations as well which can get you more benefit for your phone calls abroad. This is an important reason for international phone callers to consider internet phone because they earlier had to cut their phone call volumes because of the burden of big phone bills. Now they can enjoy complete freedom of making phone calls of even longer time durations without even worrying the slightest about the heavy phone bills at the end of the month.

Features of service

The number of features that a service is able to provide to its subscribers plays a vital role. Home phone service is full of exotic and high value for money features for their customers. These service providers do not need to worry about offering meager packages with no value to offer. Their dependence on the internet instead of copper wires is one of their greatest strengths that have made them way superior to the telephone services. These service providers offer high value for money features to the end users like call log records, one phone ring of different rings, call forwarding, call waiting, free user to user in network calls, and many others.

Quality of service

The quality of service is also very different in both landline and internet phone. Internet phone because of its usage of internet offers highly reliable phone service that offers customers seamless talking experience on the telephone. Telephone users on the other hand are dependent on the decades old technology which seriously hurts its reliability for the users. Use of internet also ensures that the VoIP subscribers get the highest voice quality that telephone services have always struggled to offer to the customers.

Call plans

The number of call plans that landline phone services offer are also very limited. They do not offer any different call plans, all of the plans look the same. Internet phone providers on the other hand offer a wide range of call plans to their subscribers. Like for example, business users are catered with plans specifically targeting their calling needs while the home phone users are provided with residential VoIP plans.

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