The Asus Eee Pc 1215N Review


The Asus Eee Pc 1215N Review

The Asus 1215n prides itself as the only dual -core netbook in the market. It is further bolstered by nVidia chipset that offers it mussle to play 1080p High Defination videos and casual gaming. It is a light machine that offers solid performance without any oompth or pretence. The regressive mouse buttons takes away some points but ultimately do not hurt the fastest netbook in the market.

The netbook comes in a 12.1 inch LCD display with a good resolution of 1366 -by- 768 pixel. The Intel Atom D525 serves the 1215n quite well as does the 2GB memory that can be upscaled to a massive 4 GB of RAM. Its biggest armour is its nVidia Chipset that provides room for robust graphics, the nVidia Optimus technology helps in the movement between intel integrated graphics and the GPU. It uses memory technology of DDR3 which comes with a speed of  1333MHz. For storage concerns the Asus 1215n uses a single hard disk drive with a total HD size of 250GB. Other facilities used for storage are the SD/MMCcard and the SDHC card.

The device utilises Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition that puts it ahead of the park from the other netbooks that play hosts to the less glandour Windows 7 Starter Edition. Other softwares in its rich arsenal are the Cyberlink and Youcam. The device also comes with Bluetooth and embedded webcam and microphones. Its forceful catalogue of assortments is further beefed by three USB 2.0 ports, pretty fast 10/100 ethernet, audio jacks, HDMI and 802 11n. that offers quality Wi-Fi connections. The machine measures a width of 11.6, a depth of 8 inches and a height of 1.5 inches. It weighs a partry 3.3 pounds but reaches  a weight of 3.9 when fully ensuite.

The higher resolution of the Asus 1215N makes it conducive for producing and manipulating documents. It also handles high definition videos with relative ease, but suffers when put to the rigors of action -packed videos like sports. The batteries gives a running time of 5 hours and 24 minutes, which even if a good hour less than that of its predecessor -Eee Pc 1201N-, is still an impressive return. The audio and tonal quality is a welcome supprise. The trackpad is however disappointing as it requires exta pressure to deliver, a laptop mouse will be a good investment.

The device will not appeal to the gaming enthusiasts as it only vouchs for the casual gaming portfolio. The price of just under 500 US dollars -as of 22nd november 2010- is on the higher end of the scale. In the end the Asus 1215n tries to be the bridge between netbooks and basement level ultraportables, and does that better than its predecessor, the Eee Pc 1201n.

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