Archos 9 PC Tablet Review

Archos 9 PC Tablet Review

The Archos 9 PC Tablet is certainly an eye candy, what with its sleek and thin body, complete with a strong polished -metal construction. The machine features nicely tapered edges. The biggest drawback is possibly its underperforming processor that is sluggish and disappointingly slow. The Tablet could also do with a more responsive touchpad. These setbacks make the price tag of about $549 look unjustified. For that price you would expect it to ace the most basic of tasks, which is suprisingly not the case.

The aforementioned CPU comes in the form of Z510 intel Atom that works at a pedestrian speed of 1.1 GHz. It uses 1GB 400HMz DDR2 memory. Storage comes in the form of a single hard disk drive with 60 GB maximum capacity with a speed of 4200 rpm. The Tablet also comes ensuite integrated intel GMA 500 graphics and US15W chipset also from Intel. The 8.9 incher provides pretty nice view of documents, photos,websites and video clips, at short site. The Tablet comes with an on -screen Windows keyboard that provides large keys that are easy to hit. It also comes with a button on the left hand side of the screen that is used to summon as well as hide the keyboard. On the same left  hand side is another button that you can use as CTRL+ALT+DEL combo, and can come in handy in the cause of your work.

Archos 9 PC Tablet Review

The trackpad comes in the form of a miniscule pad that you can manipulate with your thump. The mouse pointer responds to the slightest movement. It is a better way to work compared to using the provided dummy stylus. The touch screen is rather resistant and  you will need to apply a strong hand to use it. It does not offer the kind of top -draw performance you will get on the iPhone or iPod touch screen. Even using a finger to grab and scroll pages is a problem. The Tablet offers a native 1024 by 600 pixel resolution, just as you would expect in a netbook.

The machine does not offer either VGA or HDMI video interface jacks, an average netbook will offer at least a VGA. Networking comes in the form of 802.11 b/g Wi Fi and bluetooth, but there is no ethernet connection. The tablet comes ensuite an in -built microphone jack, a headphone jack and stereo speakers, which is in line with other netbooks. You will get only one USB 2 port, unlike other netbooks that have a healthier package of ports. You will also not enjoy the services of an Opical drive or that of an Expansion service, which is pretty what you will expect of a netbook. The machine measures 10.1 by 5.3 by 0.67 inches and a maximum weight of 2.3 pounds.

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