LG Promotes Optimus 2X in UK



Multinational companies are spending lot of money on the way they promote their products and therefore they are now looking for some innovative way through which they can attract the attention of the people. LG has recently come up with a new innovative way through which it is trying to make a lasting impression on the minds of the people in London. They have come up with a new slow fine promotion campaign where inspectors fine people in London for walking too slowly. This is really innovative and even annoying for the people but they are enjoying the way LG is promoting its new LG Optimus 2X smartphone.

Oxford Street is certainly the busiest streets of all in London and even in Europe and therefore LG has posted some of the inspectors on Oxford Street that request people to walk faster rather than walking too slowly and slowing down the crowd behind them. The inspectors look out for people who are walking slow and give them slow fine penalty tickets which is actually a promotion ticket for LG Optimus 2X that LG will launch soon in UK market.

The all new LG Optimus 2X is a great smartphone that is considered to be faster than any other smartphone available in the market. The smartphone is made for everybody and therefore you can use it for your business or personal use. The smartphone has Android 2.2 version in it and therefore you can enjoy all your Android-based apps on it. It also has 1080p video playback and recording features for those who love to capture pictures and videos. People who want to use this for their business will be very pleased as it has dual core processor that can actually speed up the browsing capabilities and also allow them to handle multi tasking features without any lag time. This means that users can surf the web at a better speed because of the faster dual core processor and enjoy better graphics due to NVIDIA processor that is incorporated in it. The smartphone is also good for mobile gamers and readers who can enjoy content in high definition quality.


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