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The Bose AE2 is an improvisation of the Bose’s other noise-cancelling models and it comes with an enhanced design and a better sound quality that is surely worth the price that it offers. The good thing about the Bose AE2 is that it has a comfy and frivolous design. Other than that it comes with wrapped ear cups that keep the wearer away from any distraction, noise that is prevailing in the atmosphere. Its good aspects also include a flat fold headphone, a detachable cord and a profound sound quality with a properly defined and elaborated bass. However, the only bad point observed in the Bose AE2 is that its sound can get a bit rash sometimes.


When we talk about Bose, it is well known that it has a noise-canceling line of QuietComfort models but it has been a long time since it made non-noise-cancelling models and that also with an ear piece that completely covers the ear.


The AE2 was first known as Triport and its design is pretty elementary with some enhancements in the design. The beginners should know that the headphones can now be folded flat like the noise-cancelling models. The design has also been improved by shifting from a double to a single cord, a detachable headphone cord design that explains they can be worn to cover your ears and stifle sound.

Although the Bose AE2 doesn’t offer an active noise-cancellation but it surely offers a secured seal that prevents any noise from the ambience. The Bose’s AE2 is a very comfortable set of headphones with a plush of Bose’s trademark on them and black leather ear pads. They have also found it to weigh lighter than an average full size and completely secured ear cup model just like the Koss, Sennheiser and AKG. However, the headband of the headphone is pretty slim and it is wrapped up in a bouncy neoprene. The bouncy neoprene helps in increasing the comfort level. Also to store the headphones is a plain bag to carry cloth and one can easily store the headphone in that bag and provide slight protection to the headphones.

If you are not sure of your purchase of the Bose AE2, you can avail the 30 day money back guarantee offered by Bose and try the headphones before buying them. You can also get your headphones replaced from Bose in case you’ve broken them for some reason. The sound quality in the new models of Bose has seen to be improved a lot. The quality of the headphones is very exact and they offer a really decent and well demarcated bass. On testing its sound quality by playing a number of songs it was learnt that the sound is well defined but due to the definitive nature of the sound some sounds turn out to be a bit rash. They make the poor recorded songs sound even worse, clearly out casting their imperfections but at the same time they also produce good recorded sounds sound even well!

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