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Recognizing When People Are Using Social Media To Hook You for a Get Rich Quick Scheme


Recognizing When People Are Using Social Media To Hook You for a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Social Media is a huge factor for what we read every day. It has made a huge impact on us and the way we receive our information. Just take look at this video about people reacting to the death of Osama Bin Ladin at a baseball game. Most everyone in the stands has a Facebook – and many found out about it that way.

Twitter and Facebook show their power when national news makes the headway, and that is proof on a large scale that people pay attention. Sometimes however, that does not always mean it is a good thing because the Internet is full of many schemes.

Many people on the Internet make money by “telling you how much money they make.” This in fact is only because selling you their story is what makes you money.

The Truth about “How to Make Money Online” Programs

In theory, many of the ideas and things that people that are in this niche preach about work. You CAN make money online by using Google AdSense, and you CAN be a millionaire by making a great affiliate gateway web site. But do not be fooled, almost every industry on the web is flooded with competition, and it would take years of hard work that may not even ever pan out in some niches.

The Social Media Takeover

Google is looking more and more to social media to help sort out who should be at the top of the search engine rankings. This means that there will be less urgency for the need of link building and more and more efforts of SEO will be directed towards social media. Google knows that friends want to read what their friends are reading and do what their friends are doing – so it makes sense to make it an authority on what ranks in their search engines.

That makes social media the perfect platform for selling get rich quick schemes, or the ever popular pyramid schemes. The golden rule that you should stick to is to never sign up for anything where you have to pay somebody to start working! Here are a few other ways to recognize get rich quick schemes. Some common characteristics, however not limited to and not always, include:

  • Too Good to Be True
  • Too Much Personal Information Needed
  • Little To No Information About the “Company”
  • Bad Reviews
  • Flashy Websites

Using common sense will help you determine what is a scam and what is not a scam. If you end up falling for one it will ensure that you have wasted a lot of money – and you will never be able to get your cash back. Basically you should always just ask yourself the question “If this makes so much money – why aren’t they doing it?” Or “Why are they telling me their secrets?!” Get rich schemes are full of empty promises, so when you see them on your social media feeds, be weary, and keep these tips in mind to prevent a waste of time and a waste of money!

About: This article was written by Anthony Benedict. Anthony helps to run and maintain a credit card comparison website called

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