3 Cell Phones Tough Enough to Outlast You

Maybe you work construction, offshore drilling, or in some hostile remote location. Maybe you you are just in the habit of bringing you cell phone to fishing holes or battlefields. No matter the scenario one thing is certain; you are tough on your cell phone. You need something beyond the typical feature phone that won’t break when you drop it on concrete for the 5th time in one day. Here are three phones that can stand up to the rigors of your demanding life. These rugged phones are perfect for you if you need a phone in harsh conditions, sure touch screen smart phones make it easy to find a phone number quickly and have a thousand funny apps and games to play with, but they just do not like the dirt, dust, and rain very much and break easily. These cell phones will withstand punishment.

Motorola Brute i686.

Motorola Brute i686. The name says it all. This thick, heavy phone is made out of heavy gauge plastic and wrapped in a rubber skin to absorb all those little “accidental” tumbles it will take in a given day. It’s by no means a small phone, but the Brute i686 is a tough little nut to crack. Motorola didn’t skimp on ruggedizing the phone, they even made the hinge nice a beefy as well so it won’t crack in half. The phone’s main claim to fame is that it can survive a fall into the water for up to 30 minutes. If you fish a lot, or just have bad luck with toilets, then this phone is a must.

Motorola ES400S.

Motorola ES400S. If you still need a rugged phone but your business demands more out of your mobile device, then this is the phone you want. The ES400S is not so much a phone as it is a mobile workstation. This Windows Mobile based phone comes with a biometric fingerprint reader, a bar code scanner, camera, and all the enterprise based features than you could want. Oh, and it also happens to be one really rugged phone as well. These phones aren’t exactly available to the average Joe, but if your company happens to allow you to pick one up then this is one to check out.

Sonim XP3300 Force.

Sonim XP3300 Force. Never heard of it? Well picture someone cross-breeding a phone with an Abrams tank and you’ll start to get the picture. Sonim is the name when it comes to rugged phones and the Sonium Force is no exception. I’ll avoid the obvious puns here, but you would need significant amounts of its namesake to break this phone. You can feel how sturdy it is in your hand. It’s thick, and quite rubbery, but feels secure in the hand. Like the Brute, it can also survive for almost 30 minutes at a depth of 6.5 feet underwater. Unlike a lot of other phones, it goes beyond just being shock resistant. The company has run tests where the phone was placed inside a concrete block. They broke the concrete up to retrieve it and the phone still worked just fine. How’s that for rugged?

About the Author: Written by James @FirespinJay a Tech writer from the UK into Tech, Eco Tech and Fire Juggling! Love my outdoors to so Rugged Phone all the way.

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