Samsung Galaxy S2


Samsung Galaxy S2

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is believed to be company’s best work so far. With a processor of 1.2 GHz, its super thin frame and very light insides it is very easily seen why they believe so. S2 is available at a monthly £35 price and also at £519.99 without SIM. The Galaxy S 2 is not the least expensive cell out in the markets but lets have a look whether the specifications make up for the price.

The Galaxy S2 is very slim if one picks it up its dimensions are 125.3 by 66.1 by 8.5 mm and that means it is one of the slimmest phones to hit the market currently. When it comes to weight it is very light too. That is right; it feels good but very light to pick this marvelous piece of tech in one’s hands. It is amazing that such a useful and lush feature packed device only weighs over just 100 grams, 116 grams to be exact. Samsung has clearly traded in the premium feeling on the metal framework which may be the reason for Galaxy S2 to be this light. The battery cover can pop out and is made from fragile plastic. However, this will not be removed mostly and also it nicely fits in contoured frame. On the rear side the mesh feeling prevents hands getting hot after extensive use.

Other appearances include the 4.3 inch screen with looks awesome with AMOLED technology. Samsung Galaxy S was the best phone to hit the markets for multimedia but due to AMOLED display screen, Galaxy S2 has under shadowed it and it has done that superbly with its vibrant and crispy display. The only difficulty is a somewhat blinding brightness. If the set is kept at power save mode even then the display screen bounces with changing luminosity. Samsung has already launched a solution to resolve this bug in the form of a fix, so that is not a worry anymore. S2 fits the palm better than expected given the huge screen proposal and its slim depth.

Volume keys located at the left side and the lock and on/off key is found on the opposing side. Both of these keys are easy to press and the on/off key is much softer than previous. There is a 3.5 mm jack for ear phones and on the top of the whole contraption there is micro USB port built for easy data transfer. Adding more to that on the bottom side is, almost half of what is at the top, HDMI slot. One of the best things about this set is its 8.1 mp camera accompanied by a solo LED flash found on the back side. The rear lip helps holding the phone and although the LED is raised a bit from surface but that does not throw it off balance if placed on the table. In short, the Samsung galaxy S2 is one of the best ever thing to happen to the international markets and has shook the world it looks like as if Samsung has noted the flaws in similar phones and then provided the better version of all of them combined and that too only in good features.

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