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Finding the time and tools for effective studying can be difficult especially in classes where research is required like history. Most students know that researching history topics online help but finding the right websites can take up a lot of time. This time can be cut way down by simply downloading apps to your iPhone that will give you the information you need and leave out what you don’t. Through the Apple App Store, you will find a wide range of history apps for the iPhone, from the dawn of time to the present day. While some may cost a small amount to purchase, most of the best history apps are free of charge.

AP World History

Through the AP world history app, you are provided with a database of questions that have been asked by past students. The categories are provided from 8000 BCE up to 1914 to present; you can either search in all categories or you can simply pick a time period. Most of the common questions are found in the database which makes for a great study guide. As you go through the questions and answers you will likely find the answers to the questions that you have. As an added study bonus, you can also purchase flashcards in the app that will also contribute to the study guide.

US History Apps

There are only a few good apps available for American history although there are hundreds in the US History theme. You can find apps that pertain to all of the wars that formed America and helped to make the United States what it is today. There are also apps that specialize in all of the presidents and the maps of the United States. Here are a few of the apps available that will help you earn the top grades in any American history course.

US History Timeline

The app called the US History Timeline is a very helpful tool to add to any students study guide. There are four different tabs to choose from that will help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily. You can choose from events, people, territories and world. All of these tabs open up resources that will help guide you to the subject matter that you are looking for. For instance, open the events tab and you will find a timeline of all of the events in United States history, starting with in 40000 BC when Asians arrived on the American continent and ending with the drop in the US credit rating in 2011. Then go on to the people app and you can research infamous people in United States history from Abe Lincoln to Al Capone to Barack Obama. Head on over to the territories tab and you can slide through the timeline to see an interactive map of how the colonies changed through different time periods. The world tab is a simple timeline of both the world and the United States, starting with 1492 when Columbus discovered America and ending with 2000 on the beginning of the Iraqi conflict and the attacks on the World Trade Center.

AP US History

The AP US History app is almost identical to the AP World History app although this app provides specific answers to questions that involve US history. Similar to the world history app, you can still purchase flashcards in the app or simply search the questions and answers. The questions and answers in the app are separated into categories including: New World to American Revolution, New Nation to Civil War, Reconstruction to the 1920’s, 1920’s to WWII and WWII to the New Millennia. You can either open the era in which you are studying or you can search all of the categories. With the search bar you can also search for specific terms as well.
Studying history can be a daunting task since there is so much involved. Putting the history apps on your iPhone will help you to be more organized in both the classroom and throughout your studying time on your own.

Michael Bloomer is a blogger, father of three, and iPhone fanatic. He loves to write about the Revelutionary War and other historica subjects. You can click view site to learn more about American history.

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