Top Android Apps for Small Business


Top Android Apps for Small BusinessSoftware has changed the lives of many people across the world. It is capable of making things convenient. It also makes life enjoyable as well as a productive business.  One can plan as well as rearrange a business schedule to a refinement presentation on an individual’s Android smart phone through acquiring great applications for small business employees.

Phone Capabilities

The ability of an individual to work from any location is a great opportunity. One can run a business while travelling by working through a laptop which in return increases productivity. One needs not a separate data card for a laptop as well as another one for a mobile phone through going for a tethering solution. However, it is worth knowing that cellular service providers do not allow customers to tether computers as well as other devices within a network.

Many a people consider tethering their phones as they work around.  This situation can be reduced by installing PdaNet which allows an individual to share internet supply to other devices without signing up for a tethering plan.

Android features

The features in a smart phone such as small screen can enable an individual to edit an office document which may helpful especially when an individual is on a trip and needs to edit some information. An Android device can be used to create power Point presentation as well.

Android device can be useful in the transfer of sync documents to a computer through a USB as well as other documents.

Installation: It enables one to check how much an individual spends as well as monthly charges of a bank. Through a pageonce an individual is capable of checking account balances before the payment of monthly utilization bills, wedges as well as the bought goods.  This is the most effective way f managing bank accounts, investment accounts, credit cards in addition to other bills in a given place.  This ensures convenience and comfort when performing accounting tasks.

Restoration of documents as well backing up short messages: some individuals regularly make use of their cell phones in acquiring vital business information through making calls, sending messages as well as emails. During these circumstances businessmen are advised to use SMS back ups in addition to restore. This is a good idea because one can lose important information that he can recover in return.

The locale: in some places such as hospitals, church, meetings, courtrooms in addition to others do not allow the use of cell phones. To avoid embarrassments at these venues, one can always use the application of automatically putting the phone on silent mode. Locale can be used as well to automatically change the profile of a cell phone because it senses different environments.

Lookout: this application is a great relief for Android phone users. It offers suitable security features such as protection from infections such as viruses as well as protection against theft. If an individual loses a phone, he can sign in to a lookout and switch the alarm on which can help one locate the phone.

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