Review of eMachines ET1810-03


eMachines ET1810-03This system is sold at $370 and it is actually better and faster than those which are priced at similar rates. It is suitable for those who require a PC for basic productivity stuff or just as an extra PC.

Most importantly the specifications are vital before deciding which system to go for. This system has an Intel Pentium Dual CoreE2210 processor with a speed of 2.2GHz. The memory is 3GB and the hard drive storage capacity is 320GB. There are optical drives of DVD and RW and the price does not include monitor. There is an integrated Nvidia G Force graphics and finally the OS is Windows Vista Home.

Since many people are tightening belts and searching for a pc which will enable them to take most out of it system such as the Machines ET 1810 03 are becoming more and more popular. However one downside of such PCs is that they cannot be upgraded and for this reason it is always important to note that you will not be able to make a genius system out of it. The slow performance, functionality and the inability to upgrade and also the lifetime are therefore limited.

This cute system has a case that is made up of a white aluminum and some parts that are made up of plastic. There is not much of a spark with the design however it still looks quite good. Being powered with a 2.2 GHz dual core processor and 3 GB memory and 360GB hard drive memory makes this PC a low power one however since the components are better those which are similarly priced.

Exterior features of this system are quite satisfying. There is 1 14 in 1 format flash card reader which can actually handle most of the common formats. There are 2 of 5.25 inch drive bays and the top one has 18 DVD and RW optical drive. There are 2 USB ports mic and headphone jacks. At the back there are 4 more USB ports, 1 Ethernet and VGA graphics and 6 audio ports. This system uniquely comes with a dial up modem which is not built in the motherboard.

All in all though there are some limitations in the upgrading of the system it is still a good one for those who are just looking to carry out basic tasks.

Pros: Model 03 of EMACHINES’s ET180 is a cheap system that provides some upgrading potential.

Cons: The quality of the built is questionable and it has an unexceptional productivity as well as gaming. There are also no recovery disks.

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