iPhone 5 Could Be Released in Early June 2011


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There is a chance that iPhone 5 will be released on early June 2011, a predictable moment for the next big thing in the Apple’s iPhone lineup. Apple has set a good pattern and they have implanted expectations on consumers’ mind that at least one new major product will be released each year. As we can see, Apple has a practice of introducing a new generation of iPhone each year, starting from 2008 through 2010 during WWDC, which is held annually on June.

Moscone Center is the venue of WWDC since 2003 and this year, according to the Center’s schedule the event will be held on June 5-9. For the past three years, the new generations of iPhone were introduced on the first Monday of WWDC, in 2008 it was June 9, while in 2009 and 2010 it was June 9 and June 7, respectively.

Since the first iPhone, Apple has put the phone on sale only within weeks of the event’s conclusion, except for 2008 when iPhone 3G was shipped on July 11. While on 2010, the iPhone 4 was released on market on June 24, just two weeks after the WWDC introduction. Consequently, we have been conditioned to expect a new generation of iPhone each summer. However, for 2011, there is one big question to answer, will there be a CDMA version of iPhone 5 for Verizon. Some experts also pointed out that there is a possibility iPhone 5 can support both mobile technology platforms. It seems that Apple has a plan to return to a single SKU (stock-keeping unit), which means that there will only be one Apple version. The Qualcomm processor used in iPhone 5 can support both GSM and CDMA.

As Apple’s CEO, Steve Jobs is still absent on a long medical leave, it is likely that iPhone 5 will be introduced by other Apple executives. In 2009, Philip Schiller, Apple’s marketing head, did the honors of introducing iPhone 3GS. So this year, it could be Tim Cook, the Chief Operating Officer, who will take the stage.

Many consider that the antenna used in Verizon iPhone to be technically better and more robust than the standard iPhone 4 antenna. It is likely that Verizon iPhone uses “antenna diversity”, which is multiple antennas crammed in a single device to prevent dropped calls and improve reception, a feature that could also be included into the iPhone 5.

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