WordPress Now Accessible On Nokia Cell Phones


It has been a while since the news got spread in the air that WordPress and Nokia will be working together to give the Nokia cell phone users a massive opportunity to do some serious blogging using the Nokia devices. So finally it is here as now you can access WordPress services using the Nokia mobiles. A lot of WordPress enthusiasts have already expressed a great interest in this and it is highly probable that you will enjoy this feature as well – if you have a Nokia mobile set only! What’s the catch? Well, nothing to be concerned about; it’s only that to use this application you must have a S60 or Maemo-powered Nokia handset.

How to Use It?

You can add some new pages and posts; edit the existing blogs and comment on other posts from your Nokia phone. The Nokia S60 or Maemo handsets support the 2.7 or higher version of WordPress. This is an open source system which means the application and the source codes are open and free to download for any Nokia users.

Add Pictures and Videos Along with Posts

If the audience find your posts interesting enough then they will visit your blog or site regularly. To make your site more interesting you can add new pictures or videos along with new and updated written posts. This will help you to increase the number of audience of your site. With the WordPress for Nokia software you can add new and interesting pictures and videos to your site, blog quickly and without any hassle. When you will post visuals then your audience will feel more engaging and connected to your site or blog. You can edit these any time or preview it. In other words, you will be able to do anything that can help you to increase the number of visitors your site usually receives.

See the Statistics and Use it to Develop Your Blog

The WordPress for Nokia project gives you the facility to see the statistics about who is viewing your site. You can also see if anyone is referring your site to any third party as well with it. If you can see the ways your blog is performing then it will help you to find newer ways to develop your site. It is the viewers for whom you write and it will be futile if the viewers don’t like or understand your blog. So, from now on you will understand whether audiences like or understand your blog or not and then you can add posts according to their demands.

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