Samsung Jack


Samsung Jack

In an industry which puts premium on creativity and innovation, the only way to survive and stand out from the rest of the competition is to regularly come up with top-of-the-line products like smart phones. Incidentally, this is what most mobile phone manufacturers are doing. They are relentless in their efforts to produce highly creative and innovative mobile phones. In fact, the rate at which they are coming up with these amazing gadgets is phenomenal. This fact is exemplified in Samsung’s latest smart phone creation. An improvement of its older smart phone models such as the Samsung Blackjack and the Blackjack II. This new and remarkable mobile phone from Samsung is known as the Jack.

Naming its latest product offering as the Samsung Jack is the appropriate way to do it as it is the apparent successor of Samsung’s former highly acclaimed mobile phones. Just like its predecessors, the main selling point of the new Jack is its highly-functional QWERTY keyboard which makes typing of long messages relatively simpler and easier. Moreover, this amazing piece of gadget is also an attractive mobile phone because of its edgy look which is highlighted by its thin size. Since the trend in smart phone design today is that edgy and glossy look, the Samsung Jack tries to fit into this mold and undoubtedly, it is quite successful in this aspect. Some observers have commented that the Jack closely resembles the Blackberry Curve which also possesses that glossy appeal.

There are a good number of notable improvements in the Samsung Jack as compared with its predecessors. First, the Jack has enhanced its internet connectivity. With its WiFi feature, users of the Jack can now browse the internet and have access to their emails. Second, the enhanced built in camera will surely be a welcome news for the photo enthusiasts out there as it produces sharp and crisp images. And third, call reception is relatively good and there are also no issues relating to volume loudness.

Surprisingly, there are no major criticisms on the functionality of the Jack. This proves that Samsung is really making good of its commitment to come up with quality and highly innovative mobile phones. With this, it is not surprising if with the upcoming smart phones release of Samsung will catapult them to the top of preferred smart phone manufacturer.

In conclusion, the Samsung Jack will not probably appeal to those mobile phone users who crave for the extraordinary smart phone experience, especially those which longs for a highly capacitive touch screen. But, if you are fond of those mobile phones which are equipped with QWERTY keyboard, then the Jack is the best gadget for you. You will certainly love the typing as the keys are just so easy to navigate on. Overall, the Samsung Jack may not be a flashy mobile device but it gets the job done. It has the functionality that every mobile phone user requires. Buying this piece of smart phone will probably be a good idea especially that this unit is reasonably priced.

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