The monicker “super phone” has been claimed by almost every smart phone which has been introduced to the market. With the superior features that most smart phones have, there is definitely truth to their “super phone” claims.  However, from all the smart phones which attempted to embrace the super phone tag, there is one phone that clearly embodies the qualities of a super smart phone.  It is the HTC HD2. The new addition to the stable of HTC smart phones is deemed one of a kind, top-of-the-line creation that has changed the landscape of the smart phone industry particularly those which belong to the Windows 7 family.

There are many reasons why the HTC HD2 stays true to its claim of being a super phone. Its specifications are truly beyond description. It boasts of a multi-touch screen of 4.3, a relatively thin design and a processor of 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon. With all these superb features packed together in one smart phone, makes the HTC HD2 such a beauty which could be the object of lust of every mobile phone aficionado.

Unlike the other smart phones with a 4.3 display screen, the phone remains convenient to carry and is never bulky. In fact, it is even compared with iPhone 3gs in terms of size and weight. With this, clearly, the developers of the HTC HD2 did a masterful job in minimizing its size without necessarily sacrificing functionality or quality.

Further, by closely observing the HTC HD2, one could arrive at a reasonable conclusion that this type of smart phone is sophisticated, elegant and lustfully attractive. Its outer layer is a right combination of plastic and metal which gives the HTC phone that classic edgy look.

With all these accolades attributed to this super smart phone, a reasonable mind could arrive at a conclusion that the HTC HD2 is flawless. Not to burst your bubble, incidentally, the HTC phone is not without imperfections. The complaint of most people who have used the HTC HD2 is that there appears to be no button specifically put in place to operate the built in camera. In addition, there are also some users who have taken issue on the type of software used on the phone. However, other than these minor flaws, the HTC HD2 remains of the formidable smart phones in the market today and a strong force to reckon with.

With all of these extraordinary features wrapped in one solid product, it is no wonder why this HTC phone was able capture the fancy of even the most discriminating mobile phone user. The HTC HD2 basically caters to the essential needs of every mobile phone user and more. With the positive raves that it has generated, clearly, the phone lives up to its monicker of a super smart phone.  And with the rate that the market has embraced this wonder product, in a world where relevance is often a buzz word, the HTC HD2 will be relevant for a very long time.

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