HTC Surround


HTC Surround

There is one reason why smart phones, particularly those which are using the Windows 7 platform, are such a hit among its customers today. They have given fun and entertainment a brand-new name. The access to a variety of entertainment media has been made possible. Like the other smart phones in the market today, the HTC surround has been linked to the wide database of Zune where video and music content can be played on the phone. This is what the HTC phone has exactly done. It made listening to good music so easy and accessible without sacrificing the quality of sound.

Both playing music and listening to it has not been that good when using a mobile phone. However, with the advent of the HTC Surround, one can now listen to music with high quality sound. This is made possible because the phone has a flexible speaker bar which can slide in and out and a Dolby digital surround sound system.  Aside from these top-of-the-line features, the phone is equipped with a mini-stand which effectively converts the phone into a little boom box.

If you think that the HTC Surround is good because of its unprecedented audio capabilities, you better think again. While the HTC phone is indeed one of the smart phones which make the audio experience of any user worthwhile, it has more notable features to offer to its users. The HTC Surround in general is of excellent built. Its components, especially the plastics and metals used including the flexible slider are quite durable without sacrificing aesthetic beauty.  Due to its less glossy back design, the phone looks more elegant and sophisticated as compared to other similar phones out in the market.  These features and many other notable ones are quite formidable to catapult the HTC phone to its rightful place in the growing smart phone market.

However, despite these notable features of the HTC Surround, there are also certain drawbacks that have been observed by many mobile phone experts. Despite the audio quality that the phone is known for, surprisingly, the quality of the sound when you are making a call is something that can be improved. The common complaint by those who have actually used the HTC phone is the poor call reception to the point that the caller is not able to hear the voice of the person that he is talking to clearly. The poor call quality of the phone is further compounded by loud surroundings.  The theory of some mobile phone experts is that the phone’s system to reduce and contain noise has not been finely tuned.

Further, if you are into gaming, the HTC Surround will provide you that online mobile gaming experience that you so crave. Since it is linked with XBOX Live, definitely you will have the time of your life playing our favorite XBOX games.

Finally, should you buy or should you not buy the HTC Surround? From the features mentioned above, even with its known drawbacks, the HTC phone will still prove to be a good addition to your list of favorite gadgets.

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