The Asus UL50VT -RBBBK05 Review


The Asus UL50VT -RBBBK05 Review

The Asus UL50VT is a mixed bag that produces long battery life at the expensive cost of low power. The machine offers switchable graghics that aid in conserving energy and can also lay claim to being a gaming laptop, though that is steal average. The device seems to be overly priced compared to the cost of other laptops that can offer a similar, if not better performance.

The machine incorporates a pedestrian 1.3GHz intel core 2 duo SU7300 ULV processor, that is low -voltage and also happens to be the biggest culprit in its poor reviews. The laptop also comes with 4GB 1066 MHz memory that uses DDR3 memory technology. You will have to do with 500 GB hard drive that spins at a speed of 5400 rpm. The Asus UL50VT comes ensuite an operating system Windows 7 Home Premium Edition that uses 64 -bit. Also wrapped in the package is a mobile intel GM45 Express chipset, you are also likely to appreciate the nVidia GeForce G210M that is also part of the deal. The mainstream machine uses video interface VGA -out and HDMI but sadly lacks a bluetooth facility, but its in -built microphone and headphones will sooth your nerves, as will its more than capable stereo speakers.

For its data concerns the Asus UL50VT comes with three USB 2 ports and a multi -format memory card reader. It uses ethernet 802. 11b/g/n Wi -Fi and also comes with an optical drive -DVD/CD burner-. The machine measures a width of 15.2 inches, a depth of 10.2 inches and a modest height of one inch, While it weighs a light 5.1 pounds that can reach a prime of 5.9 when stuffed with an AC adapter. The 15.6 incher comes with a 16:9 LED back light that makes it both bright and an eye candy. Its 1366 -by- 768 pixel resolution is quite low but will still give nice images and viewing. The device offers many similarities to the Asus UL30A -A1. It also have two, not so desimilar power buttons; one for launching Windows 7 and the other for starting Express Gate Splash Top -a kind of a semi -operating system with a scalled down browser, email and other similar facilities-.

The machine, to its credit comes with a responsive multi -touch pad and suprisingly good and audible speakers. You are also likely to appreciate its graghics abilities that switch between nVidia and the integrated intel grahics that saves on energy. The rocker -type button bar is however not a good substitute for disceet buttons. The commendably long battery life is a definate turn -on, but a snail -pace CPU a bad advice.

The machine offers some pretty useful service and can claim to be a gaming tool, but 33.5 frames per second will not set the world alight.The laptop comes with a price tag of about 729 dollars which is rather high compared to other similar machines. The low score on the WorldBench Test does not help matters, just as its pedestrian processor plays into the critic’s hands.

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