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HTML: The Building Blocks


HTML The Building Blocks

HTML code has become quite popular once again with the coding public. There is still a lot of things people do not know about HTML however. This article aims to answer some of the unknowns out there in the HTML code world.

Many developers use HTML code just to be able to JavaScript and CSS code. They use HTML code as a sort of hanger for the other types of coding.

Minimal HTML

CSS and JavaScript code is usually used for creating elements within webpages. They are the meat of the website. A good website will have a mix of structural and foundational (HTML) code. Some developers didn’t believe in using structural code such as CSS and JavaScript and started creating web pages without them. This led to a trend and really badly designed web pages were created and in the end the HTML code used for these pages got the bad name instead of the developers.

HTML The Building Blocks

Above is a picture of two basic layouts. Each layout has only four main parts. Each layout could be created very easily using just four Divs code. The second layout, setup b, is created using 5 divs code.

HTML Code Semantics and Structure

HTML code has a lot more going for it then just semantics; it can also be structure. Semantic elements on your web page will explore all the things that the element can do while a structural element on your web page will explain the contents. Both setup A and B are easy to create but one uses more structure then the other.

Minimalists Designs

There are web designers out there that like to keep their web pages as simple as possible and therefore will avoid using divs code whenever they can. This creates many badly structured web sites and ugly designs that are hard to follow.

Designs should use the Div and Span codes like they are meant to be used in order to create a well structured and easy to follow web page. Separate the elements within a webpage; it may require more coding but it will look much better in the end.

HTML in the Future

HTML developers have noticed this trend to not use div and span and the ugly results. They have therefore added more structural codes for people to use that will create more elements within a web page for the user to play with.

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