How Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Set to Introduce Mindboggling Changes


A round up of all news and rumors about Galaxy Note 4 overtly show how the phablet will sharply differ from any other smart gadget ever released. The results are mind boggling.  It’s everything that everyone about Smartphone ever wanted, fantasized and probably ever imagined.

Changes about Note 4 are observations inspired by the just released Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It was finally released in late September 2013. The release was spectacular with Samsung making record sales in just a matter of weeks! Countries like India embraced the gadget mightily.

But to digress a little, it’s important to learn where in the competition ladder the now proposed Note 4 appears. Basically, Samsung is concerned with manufacture of two main smart gadgets in the category of the Galaxy; the regular smart phones, the tablets and the notes. While smart phones are smaller, tablets have the largest screen size. The notes fall in between the two sizes. They are for that reason referred to as phablets (phone-tablets).

Samsung has so far released the galaxy note 1, note 2 and note 3. Given the nature of competitiveness and dynamism of Samsung, there is always an improvement of the latest release. Therefore, news and rumors about the release of Note 4 have been rampant and rife. In fact with Note 4, Samsung has surprised many.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will definitely usher in the future. It’s rumored that the most likely release date is the third quarter of 2014 probably at the start of August or thereabout. This will definitely be after the dust of the release of its upcoming galaxy S5 has settled down. S5 is set to debut in earnest February 2014.

But how will the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bring all the difference? Enthusiasts wonder what can come better than what is already with the note3. But while there are some people yet to fully understand the complexities of Note3, there are experts and critics who have already pointed weakness with Note. It is these lines of fissure of other Note phablets that Note 4 is set to address.

Yet, as reliable sources claim, this time round, Samsung is not just committed to producing an improved version of the previous release. With Note 4, Samsung have shown a totally different intension. The company is working to introduce the next ‘after thought’ from the smart gadget factory and Note 4 has fallen inline with this. New, better capabilities and features are set to be introduced by Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


Competitors are however not sleeping on this. Apple is firing to release iPhone 6. The problem is that no accurate guess is coming from anyone of them about how Note 4 will be like. Most competitors of Samsung have as a result decided to sit back and watch exactly what is coming with note 4.

Learn bits from Note 3 debut

With the ongoing distribution of the note 3 released first in the US late September and early October, it is important to appreciate that rumors don’t lie. Much of what was anticipated about note3 actually came true; not even the price changed. No much changes, only that there were some improvements from what was always rumored.

Galaxy Note 3 is now available in Google play store in the US, India, Korea and its spreading fast to other parts of the world. Nonetheless, rumors and news is all round and it is not hard to bring them together and draw a conclusion.

The following are the top improvement and changes that Note 4 is set to usher in to the world of smart gadgets come 2014:

  • Release date

The first obvious change that Samsung will introduce with Galaxy Note 4 is the release date. 2014 will also see Samsung release two smart gadgets; the Note 4 and S5. S5 will herald note 4 but this kind of arrangement to release two smart gadgets the same year is quite uncommon with Samsung. It only happened first and last so far, and that was in 2012.

All in all, Samsung has always stayed true to the release date. It has all along been rumored that Note 3 will be released in the third quarter of 2013. It happened that way when Samsung finally released in late September.

  • Remote charging

For the very first time ever, it will be possible to charge a smart gadget while it is still in the pocket. This is according to a Korean publication ET news and Tech crunch, a close ally to Samsung. They pointed that Note 4 will introduce the more effective magnetic resonance mode of charging that will allow users to charge the phablet remotely or wireless. What will be required with such technology is for the user to activate the charging option of the gadget. Whenever the user closes live socket; the charging will initiate automatically.

Bearing in mind the amount of time phone users spend daily charging them conventionally, this mode of charging will change things. It’s obvious that all the other manufacturers will copy the technology. Note 4 wirelesses charging will surely introduce the next era of charging smart phones.

  • 16mp Camera

According to Korean media and phone arenas, it is said that Samsung is working on a camera that is better than what its current Note 3 boasts of. In essence, this is in line with breaking the norm of 13MP that all smart gadgets with android OS seem to copy.  To be precise, it has been documented that Note 4 will feature a 16 megapixel camera sensor. This means clearer video and still photo images, clear low light images, high speed captures and so on.

This feature must also come with a high resolution camera. What this means is that Note 4 camera will practically catapult the image quality of what any Smartphone can do.

  • 64GB expandable memory

Besides new camera definition, remote charging and more, it is alleged that the note 4 will feature a whooping 64GB expandable memory. Well, nearly all top smart gadgets in use today have a maximum of 32GB memory. But this memory has been linked to the need of providing multitasking capability anticipated with Note 4 users.

This is according to recommendation being received by Samsung from users of Note 3 and other top gadgets. It’s clear that most Note 4 users of the future will need to handle more data at a go while at the same time, opening several WebPages, online music player engaged and at the same time downloading or streaming in live a movie. This level of multitasking will not be manageable with a mere 32GB memory. That is why Note 4 must introduce the next generation memory capacity of 64GB.

  • 64Bit processor

Nothing can ever define the capability of any gadget without mentioning the processing power and speed. The processor is basically where all the function of a gadget is centralized and powered. A high resolution camera without power to back it up is impractical. A high multitasking ability like 64GB memory Note 4 is quite impractical if it’s not backed up with a complementing power house.

But it’s not just from this obvious assumption that high end features must complement each other. No. when talking of high processor power that is anticipated with the note 4, it is absolutely necessary to recognize the words of Samsung and allied organizations.

A prominent Samsung representative based in the UK was quick to point the gist of a meeting held in Korea, in which he was a sitting member. He was vocal that the aim of that meting was to come up with a high power processor for the note 4. On his part, he concluded that the resolution was to equip Note 4 with a 64bit processor. His words were echoed by a Korean based publication, the home country for Samsung. The publication further said that ‘Cortex- M processors’ was part of the discussion tabled about Galaxy Note 4 during that meeting.

When one really ponders about this kind of discussion and the mention of such powerful processors as 64bit and Cortex-M, one is left mesmerized about the Note 4. If this comes true and it’s obvious it’s the most likely processors for Note 4, then this phablet will be highest powered smart gadget.

This is a processor power that is also so easy to believe in when talking of the Note 4 and the task it is anticipated to handle. It’s only a processor in the areas of 64bit that will complement the high resolution camera and high multitasking ability.

  • Edge to edge screen display

Physical appearance of phablets is set to change with Note 4. With all the previous phablets, a common configuration to the screen has always been about leaving a margin on all sides of the phone. This means that previous phablets have had a wider bumper. This is what the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is set to change. With an edge to edge display, it means that users will have a maximum size of display to see all what they need to see and accommodate the many pages that will come about with the urge to multitask. The screen size will definitely supersede the current note 3’s that is at 5.7inch.

Nonetheless, Samsung is rumored to be working on the disapprovals of this kind of display that it will give users a hard time handling the phone. The most likely solution that Samsung will come up with for this is maybe to introduce a bumper cover or squeeze the screen fraction of an inch inside to leave a small margin. But no point has been confirmed that an edge to edge screen will offer any handling and operating difficulties for Note 4.

But it’s not yet a good time to conclude about the external features of note 4, before it is early next year. This is the time much of these forums will receive video images of the Note 4 and thus more external specs will be apparent then.

  • Android 4.4 Kit Kat or android 4.3jellybean

The android OS battle has in the past been fought tirelessly by all gadgets that run on it. However, the crescendo of this war will probably come in 2014 when Samsung decides to upgrade its current Android 4.4 kit Kat to something else with the release of Galaxy Note 4. Nonetheless, much is yet to unveil about what android note 4 will adopt.

Rumors point at the now unveiling android 4.3 jellybean for Note2 or simply retain the current note 3 4.4kit Kat. What a change on android normally indicates is a change in downloading ability. It also changes the amount of downloads a phone is able to handle at a go. Androids apps are a factor of android OS where the note 4 falls in. For now, much news about Note 4 android will only come later.

Galaxy Note 4 Price

Looking at the debut price of the just released Note 3, it is apparent that Samsung has maintained its low price reputation.  The aim is to make it more accessible to many users in lieu of making a kill. But even with that, the number of gadgets selling every minute is already a kill for Samsung.

Samsung has also been known to come with offers like the new offer of free Google Play Credit running now for note 3. Within two weeks of its debut, Samsung had slashed about RS2000 off its price of RS49, 900 to RS47, 900 in India. This is the kind of trend expected for the Note 4 come 2014 if Samsung retains this spirit.

That said, it is important to understand that not all shops will be authorized to sell the gadget in the first few weeks of release. The sale of Samsung products normally starts in the North America at the debut conference, and then it’s seen in Google play stores before it spreads rapidly to Europe India and Korea.

The real story about the Galaxy Note 4 would be written with the official words of Samsung and till now, Samsung has not commented on this. But probably in the coming months, we might have something interesting, so don’t forget to follow us.

Sunny is Computer Science Engineering Student and a tech geek, who loves to explore the new world of Gadgets and their possibilities. You can follow him on G+. Feel free to contact him for any enquiry regarding the Android devices.

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