Six Tips For Fitting A Blog Into A Busy Schedule


A common complaint among bloggers is that they have a distinct lack of time. Killer posts take more than great ideas, they also take the time to turn those ideas into words. And sometimes, that time can be a little difficult to come by.

Should you find yourself with a blog that isn’t updated as much as you would like, here are six simple tips that should help.

Come Up With Post Ideas On the Go
Ideas are something that every blogger needs but something that many frequently find themselves short of. To help prevent those torturous hours staring at a white screen, you should carry a pen and paper with you at all times. You should then do your best to come up with post ideas on the go. Stuck in traffic? Try to think of  a post idea. Supposed to be working at your “real job”? Try to think of a post idea.

Write Shorter Posts

Many bloggers still believe that there’s an optimal word count when it comes to blog posts and SEO. There is no truth to this. Your posts can be two hundred words or they can be a thousand words, it makes no difference. What matters is that they are worth reading. You should be aiming to pack a punch not a preconceived number of words. Grant yourself permission to write shorter posts.

Don’t Fight Writers Block
Writers block is an unfortunate but very unavoidable element of a bloggers life. There are times when you just cannot write. Over the years, I’ve learned that the best thing to do when faced with writers block, is to simply work on something else. Respond to a few comments, send a few guest post proposals, work on your on page SEO. Just don’t sit there staring at a blank screen willing words to appear. It sadly never works.

Take Advantage When You Hit Your Stride
Some days, the words just seem to fly onto the page. Everything you write makes perfect sense and it’s like you cannot stop the ideas flowing. Such days are rare and you must take full advantage of them. When you hit your stride, always keep writing. If you hit your stride just once a week, you will have no problem keeping your blog updated. Provided you take full advantage, every time.

Get Some Help
There is help available if you want it. Virtual assistants are not expensive and by outsourcing your more repetitive tasks, you should find yourself with far more time to be creative. Guest posters are another excellent resource for time strapped bloggers. Provided they are used in moderation, they can not only take a few posts off of your schedule, they can actually make your blog a more interesting read.

Decide What You Want

Finally, decide how important blogging is to you. If you’ve got a full time job and kids running around your home, a lack of time for your blog is perfectly understandable. But some people fail to keep their blog updated simply because they don’t prioritise it. If you want to be the proud owner of an income generating blog, you need to place that goal high on your list of priorities. If you have time to socialise, you have time to blog.

Chris Murphy is a well known marketing executive who works for web design Newcastle – a popular organisation providing the best SEO and PPC services. You can follow him on Twitter and get more updates on the current trends followed in internet marketing.

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