HTC Imagio


HTC Imagio

With the presence of still competition in the field of smart phones, the race is on to the top of the list of preferred mobile phones by most consumers. With this recent trend, most of the mobile phone manufacturers are constantly developing and creating new products which would somehow capture the fancy of their target market and eventually propel them to the top of the smart phones highest sellers list. This is what HTC have been doing. It has introduced on a regular basis, new products, new smart phones which keep on getting better with each release. A concrete example of this fact is the launch of the new HTC Imagio which has created a huge positive uproar in the smart phone market. Equipped with up-to-date features, the HTC Imagio has wowed the entire smart phone community with its release.

If you want to know what makes the HTC Imagio stand out from the rest of the pack, you have to read on.

Well, the HTC Imagio is considered as one of the more extraordinary and one-of-a-kind smart phone not only from among the mobile providers in the United States but also overseas. One thing that makes the HTC Imagio such a lustful device is beauteous touch display endowed with a 480 x 800 pixel. Moreover, the phone uses the TouchFLO 3D interface and a five megapixel built in cam. Further, what is breathtaking with the HTC phone is it is capable of showing TV broadcast which makes TV viewing possible on the go. Its design is absolutely amazing which most critics compare with the iPhone. It also has a fantastic resolution, a reliable camera, access to FM band and the favorite of every one, TV on the go.

Despite the perceived positive features of the HTC Imagio, it has certain downsides which have been a cause for complaint of some users. First, it emits radiation levels which are above the normal. Consequently, this might pose some health risks to the user. Second, due to the 5.3 ounces weight of the Imagio, some users complain that the HTC phone is relatively heavy to carry on one’s pockets or hand bag.  Third, the phone works on a relatively new operating system, the Windows Mobile 6.5, which could make looking for the perfect application relatively difficult.

Undoubtedly, with all these solid features that the HTC Imagio has been packed with, the HTC phone should be at the top of the smart phones list well-loved by many users. It is just impossible to resist that wide display touch screen that is quite convenient to navigate on. The TouchFLO 3D has exceptionally performed beyond expectations and has complemented the Windows Mobile platform on which it is based. With its dazzling features, the HTC Imagio is deemed a reliable smart phone that may be used for business purposes. The HTC phone should be a good buy even for the most discriminating mobile phone user.  Any money that will be spent on the phone will certainly be worth it.

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