HTC Touch HD


HTC Touch HD

Looking for a suitable smart phone which will satisfy the most discriminating mobile phone user has never been easy. This is because there are quite a good number of smart phone variants which are being sold in the market today. All of these smart phone manufacturers have been unilaterally claiming that they provide the best and highly functional smart phones. To a certain extent, these claims may be accurate.  This fact is exemplified with the emergence of many participants in the smart phone industry, all of them producing quality and magnificent mobile devices. A good example of this is the introduction of the HTC Touch HD to the mobile phone market.

The commercial success of the HTC Touch HD is largely due to a good number of impressive features. As a consequence, it is able to hold its ground against the more established smart phone variants. The reason for this could be attributed to a lot of factors. First, the display screen of the Touch HD is quite vibrant. It is able to capture and present brilliant colors which make the display of images and consequently, the viewing experience such a delighting activity.  Second, it is quite portable due to its size and shape. Incidentally, the Touch HD has been designed to appear slim and weightless. Third, the camera functionality of this gadget will be well-loved by photo enthusiasts. The images produced by the Touch HD are amazing and full of life. It is able to capture the photos the way a professional would do so. Finally, like the other smart phones of the same category, the Touch HD has GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

While the features of the HTC Touch HD may look promising, there are also certain downsides to this gadget. First, its operating system reeks of antiquity. It can certainly use some major improvement to make the device more functional. It will also enhance the overall appeal of the Touch HD. Second, its keyboard could still use some improvement. Perhaps, with a little modification, this device could still be more useful. Finally, unlike the other smart phones with touch screens, the HTC Touch HD’s touch screen is not that sensitive to touch. Perhaps, this should be replaced by a capacitive sensing system.

As a final statement, the HTC Touch HD will probably appeal to users who are into business.  It does not have that much elegance or class like the other smart phones have.  Its display resolution is also an issue. Most users have discovered that this kind of resolution effectively diminishes the appeal of the Touch HD. Moreover, the touch screen is relatively limited which drastically affect the use of the onscreen keyboard. The shifting from one application to another is also relatively slow. Perhaps, this can be attributed to the operating system being used by the Touch HD. Looking at the bright side, the HTC Touch HD appears superior in terms of its shape. Those mobile users who have a penchant for lightweight and slim gadgets will certainly delight in the Touch HD.

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