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If you have mobile employees who need to drive from client to client or if you need to deliver goods to your customers every day, you might be running up the bill for gas. There is no such thing as free gas (unless there’s a promo) but these apps can help you get the best value for your money.

This app offers a map view and a list view. The app uses your phone’s GPS to show you all the nearby gas stations. In the map view, you will be able to see the station logos and their current regular gas price. If you tap on a particular logo, a pop-up information box will come up that lists information about the station. When you tap that, you will be taken to a full page that has more information about the gas station, the prices, the address, some photos and a list of amenities. In the list view, you can sort the stations by price or distance.

This app only calculates the distances based on your current GPS location. If you click for directions, the app will take you to Google Maps. The mobile site may have limitations but it is worth visiting their full web version. You will be able to find a Trip Cost Calculator that estimates your gas usage based on your car make and destination; a blog, community discussions and pricing data.

This app is best for travelers who are always on the go as it is based on your current GPS location. You can also earn points and prizes as a contributor. This app is free and works with Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry.

AAA TripTik Mobile
TripTik also uses a map view and a list view. The map view also uses gas station icons. It also uses your GPS location or a destination that you type in. Tap on a location to get basic data. Tap that again to view the full details. Next, tap for directions. TripTik lets you indicate whether to use your GPS location as a starting point. You can follow the directions with optional audio instructions or you can switch to Explore mode that shows you nearby hotels, restaurants and other useful services. This app also allows you to add locations to your route.

This app is very useful to those travelers who need more than gas prices. This is for business men and field employees who need a place to stay and other amenities during a business trip. This app is free on the Apple and Android devices.

This app will give you gas station and pricing information. It also gives you other useful information such as businesses in the area, movies, restaurants, etc.  The gas category will give you a list view that you can sort by distance or price. It also uses your current GPS location or one that you enter. In the full gas station description page, you can select “Search from Here” to find nearby restaurants and other services.

Poynt is actually a gas station finder/entertainment app. It’s great for finding gas stations and restaurants and tickets for entertainment events to entertain clients. Poynt is free and available on the Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Windows & and Nokia.

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