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Understanding Users of Corporate Websites


Understanding Users of Corporate Websites

Corporate websites have a very wide target audience: customers, investors, journalists, prospective employees and many others. Each group is different and in this sense also demands very different information.

One of the groups interested in corporate websites are logically job seekers. They are not only seeking information about the company’s business, but also information on job opportunities in the company. Also tests to assess the suitability of a candidate for a job position are particularly valued by those seeking employment. Also, people interested in working in the company tend to use social networking and employment portals.

Investors use corporate websites with the aim to obtain data on business activities and corporate reports. For an investor, financial information is the most important factor in an early assessment, so a good way to gain their trust is to publish valid financial information. Experts recommend businesses to use social bookmarking services and have a good SEO campaign. It is also useful to improve compatibility with mobile devices, which is increasingly widespread among investors and financial analysts.

Those who have varied interests in the corporate websites are certainly journalists. Sometimes they seek general information about the products and services company, and others delve into the history and development of the company. Journalists also appreciate the inclusion of statements by CEO and other key executives. Regularly updated content are more likely attract the journalists attention. Also, it is important to include contact details, especially the department of communication, as well as applications for live press conferences.

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