The Asus N53SV Review


The Asus N53SV Review

Asus 53sv is a pretty nice netbook that comes with a very fast quod -core i7 processor and an equally forceful nVudia GeForce 540M chipset that gives credence to its gaming abilities. Its wecoming design and a fast hard drive also plays to its advantage. The lack of an increasingly popular Blue -ray and also the lack of a higher resolution screen, added to its poorly outlined keyboard chips away some points from an otherwise classy gem.

The machine rides on a stately second generation i7 2.0 GHz intel CPU that runs at a lightening fast speed of 2630M. But at a lower price you can do with a i5 2410m or an even lower i3 -2310m processor. The N53sv series also comes with an increasingly must – have nVidia GT-540M GPU. The display is 15.6 inch that has a resolution of 1366 -by- 769, which even if solid could have been higher. The machine covers a width of 15.6 inches, a depth of 10.6 inches and a height of 1.6 inches while the weight comes to a total of 6.4 pounds, making it lighter than most of its contemporaries.

The Asus N53sv comes with bluetooth, gigabit ethernet, three USB ports -including a very fast 3.0 port-, you will also have access to a headphone jack, microphone input, SD/MMC/MS/XD card reader. Other software assortments that come with the n53sv are the cyberlink powerDVD for playing DVD movies, power2GO that performs disc -burning, powerDirection that helps in producing movies and Media Expression for the convertion of videos and music from a variety of formats. You can even link the device to the Asus Express Gate Cloud – a Linux inspired interface product that is great at fast access to the internet, calender and photos-, but that is a task that the nVidia powerhouse does well.

The machine is a gamer’s pride and comes good with an impressive 100 frames per second when playing Unreal Tounament 3 game. The results are not as spectacular when it is tested with more powerful games. The machines offers a roomy keypad deck. The keyboard and the touch pad are also well endowed and are easy on the hands. Its video portfolio will not disappoint you, nor will its pretty useful sound track aided by the Bang &Olufsen audio. The keyboard has an odd demeanor and its cursor placement is not up to scratch, while editing keys such as the DELETE key are wrongly placed. The spacing between the main Alphabetical keys, the cursor keys and numeric keys is non -existant. The machine only has one Atheros AR 9285 Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz adoptor and lacks connection to the ever popular 5GHz networks. A larger speaker could have helped with Bass.

All in all the machine is a good deal that impresses with its lofty score of 126 on the WorldBench Test and the price of 1219 dollars is value considering its menu. The Asus tried to balance between price and productivity and came out shining.

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