5 Of The Most Interesting Smart Home Ideas


Smart home technology is making incredible advances each year with new designs being pioneered to create modern, smart homes. These high-tech gadgets allow users to control their domestic surroundings with just a simple touch of a button.

5 Of The Most Interesting Smart Home Ideas

Here are five of the most interesting, smart home ideas so far.

August Smart Lock

Smart technology providers, August have developed a security feature, simply called the August Smart Lock. Turning your smartphone into a ‘smart key’, the Smart Lock allows you to lock and unlock doors, create virtual keys for guests and monitor all activity with a 24/7 activity log all from your iOS or Android device.

Dacor Discovery IQ

Looking for a gadget to make your cooking experience much more simple, productive and enjoyable? Dacor’s Discovery IQ wall-oven comes equipped with Android technology and is operable from your smartphone or device.

Along with multiple cooking modes for precision, the Discovery IQ wall-oven also has integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. Users can use pre-programed guides for popular dishes, program and store their own custom cooking pre-sets and remotely control the temperature and cooking times from a smartphone.

Nest Learning Thermostat

The Nest Learning Thermostat reacts and adjusts to your lifestyle helping to conserve energy and lower bills. After using it for just one week, the thermostat will automatically program itself and will automatically adapt to seasonal changes.

Nest will start building a schedule as it recognises itself being turned down at bedtimes and when people leave the house. The Nest Learning Thermostat can also be turned on, off or adjusted using an app for a smart phone or device. Not only that, you can keep track of your energy usage via the ‘Energy History’ and monthly energy reports that are also part of the app.

Future Shape Sensfloor

German company Future Shape has developed a range of flooring that can sense when people are standing on it and adjust accordingly. Features include; noise reduction, under-floor heating and is equipped with radios to transmit information to other smart technology devices.

Sensfloor has also been used to monitor elderly people who live alone and are likely to fall. The flooring can detect if a person has had a fall and will automatically alert family and carers.

However, this is quite an involved job to install and will require a qualified electrician to make sure it is installed properly.

Samsung SmartThings

Previously named as one of Time’s Best Gadgets, SmartThings from Samsung lets you monitor, control and secure your home from anywhere using a smartphone or device.

The SmartThings starter kit is complete with a central hub, free app and a range of motion sensors, power outlets and light bulbs that can all be controlled from a smartphone. The hub and app can also be connected to hundreds of other connected devices (even devices from other brands) that can all be controlled remotely including; sound systems, PCS and much more!


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