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It’s time to go au natural with website design


Years have passed since stuffing websites with keywords, even if they do not make sense in the context that they are written in, is all one needed to have a high ranking position in online search results.  ‘Natural’ is the new buzzword and if you want your website to generate business, you better pay attention.

At the heart of your website design should be your target audience and, in order to provide great user experience, your website needs to deliver a number of simple things that increase chances of users staying for longer and therefore, spending money.  Given that an increasing amount of consumers use their smartphones and the like, to access online content, your web design should be responsive to that need.  This means designing a site that has the same look and feel regardless of what technology is used to access it.   From a technical point of view, it also means that the design accounts for ease of use on small screens e.g. large buttons, and is compatible for viewing across different platforms.

Another thing to do is to make the content natural, relevant and informative.  By stuffing it with keywords and links will just increase your bounce rate where users leave your site within seconds of visiting.  This goes hand in hand in making it visually pleasurable to the user by incorporated branded and attracted typography more so than images.

We expect a lot from websites and with increasingly sophisticated ones popping up on the market every day, people are not very forgiving when it comes to user experience.  That is why the small details shouldn’t be overlooked in your web design as they can make a huge impact.  For example, vertical scrolling is a feature that websites are adopting more and more and leaving behind horizontal scrolling.  This is largely in order to provide users with smooth navigation when using say, a mobile phone to access the website – it makes a far easier process to not have to keep scrolling to the top to access menu options.

They say first impressions count.  When it comes to websites, this is an expression that is certainly true.  If your website does not engage your users within the first few seconds, chances are, you’ve lost them.  This is why there has been a surge in landing page videos.  These are promotional animations that are short, present the option to be skipped but most importantly, highlight how your company will add value to your customer’s life.

With so much to take into consideration, it can be quite overwhelming in knowing where to start.  That is why companies like Boss Digital, leaders in Hong Kong web design, are worth considering.  They are a full digital marketing agency which means, their team comprises of certified experts in the different aspects of web design and associated success.  Their extensive experience boasts a portfolio of over 100 websites so, you can be assured that you will receive a complete solution so that you can do what you do best – make money.

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