Understanding Augmented Reality Technology from a Business Perspective


Corporations and business owners of all types are constantly searching for the latest and greatest technology as a means to truly make their business cutting edge. Augmented reality technology is one such type of technology that seems to be capturing the eye of many businesses that are searching for a way to improve their app and draw in more users/customers.

Understanding Augmented Reality Technology from a Business PerspectiveWhile you might be tempted to implement augmented reality somewhere into your mobile application just to capture the attention of audiences, you could be making a big mistake. Not all businesses should implement this new way of looking at the world into their business apps, and doing so unnaturally can turn people away from your application entirely. You want this new type of technology to flow naturally and actually improve your app, not make it harder to use.

Take a look at some of the considerations to keep in mind about your business that could warrant you using this kind of technology in your application.

Do your customers/users look to you for information on the world around them? – There are a number of services that some businesses offer to their clients to help them to navigate the world around them. For instance, there are apps that allow you to point to a landmark and identify what they do, their phone number and local ratings for them. These types of apps are great for travelers to new cities or navigating through certain hiking trails or golf courses. If you offer information to your customers or users augmented reality can help to make your app more interactive and useful.

Do you have something large to sell? – While you might not be able to create an augmented reality app to sell cakes, you can create an app to sell furniture, home products and even homes themselves. Take a look at the ZipRealty app on your iPhone, as augmented reality is used to let potential homebuyers learn all about a home by simply pointing their mobile device at it. There are also several other apps on the market that allow you to see furniture you like sitting in your living room or new shutters on your windows. These types of augmented reality apps are great for online only businesses or for those that want to offer their customers more opportunities to customize their purchases.

There are several great reasons why augmented reality can work for marketing, such as those expressed in Socialmedia Today. But, just as you will find on several marketing and tech sites, including TechWench, you have to be sure that this technological type of marketing is right for your specific industry, otherwise this could be a waste of marketing time and money. It can help to do some research on similar augmented reality apps from businesses like yours to get ideas and inspiration for your own app. But, you want to keep in mind that a unique app is what is going to get users to actually download it.

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