Waka Waka Power Has Solved my Mobile Power Backup Issues


One of the biggest issues faced by the developing countries nowadays is the energy crisis. Now this implies, life often is on a standstill since our daily routine tasks depend largely on electricity. The most annoying thing for me is not being able to charge mobile phones that keep us connected to the world. Well, thank heavens there are solutions to this problem now. Waka Waka was my rescuer. It is causing ripples for good reasons; don’t worry I’m not distracted by the song. Let me through a little light on the product.

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Waka Waka power is a solar powered lamp and charger, especially designed keeping in mind the problems and needs of the developing countries. Though I’ve used quite a number of solar powered devices, but Waka Waka was the best of all. It has craved its niche well deservedly within a very short time. The first thing that solar powered devices should do is to give 100% charging in as minimum time as possible. Waka Waka power got fully charged in about 8 hours and charged my smartphone within 2 hours efficiently. Its lamp feature provides bright safe light for hours on end which can very well be used as a torch in your camping trip.

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Light Weight:

The best part is, it weighs about 200 grams and is slightly larger than an iPhone which means you can carry it off easily, charge your mobiles on a go and make use of the torch light as and when required.


I found the solar batteries used in the charger cum lamp of very good quality hence making it durable. I’m sure, it will last a good while.


When I say Waka Waka is primarily meant to meet the needs of inhabitants in the developing countries, it has to be affordable. Keeping in mind the durability factor and sort of a one-time investment, one can get it for $79. I must say, it’s not much for such an easy to use and extremely useful device.

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The company gave me a one year warranty, so in case of any issues with it in that duration I can always get back to company for getting it repaired free of cost, or to get an altogether new device, or get my money back.

Other Functions:

Now, here are a few guidelines that might be useful for you as well. The torch light intensity has options, the longer it stays on the full brightness mode, the early it will need to be charged again. 100% brightness can usually give your bright kerosene free light for 20 hours, if you change the setting to 50% brightness the battery can last for 40 hours. If you only need the torch light to guide you through the kitchen when there is a power outage, you might as well change the setting to 255 brightness. With that brightness, you can have the torch light for good 3 and a half days about 80 hours.

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Waka Waka believes in promoting and supporting humanitarian activities and that is why the company donates about $10 from every $79 purchase of Waka Waka Power to Waka Waka Foundation for making efforts in reducing the use of kerosene lamps which are hazardous for life. Although the device is definitely worth buying, this alone is a reason enough to make me buy it.

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  1. Seems like a very interesting product all-round, I probably wouldn’t have an use for it at home, but I would take it everywhere during my travels! Losing power can be so frustrating!

  2. Waka Waka Solar looks cute and is really useful machine:)

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