Earth Networks: Automated Weather For Your Business


Bad weather has a bigger impact on business than you may think. Loss of revenue, inventory reduction, staffing problems and shipping delays can really set you back, no matter what business you’re in. You just deal with it, right? But here is something you can do about the weather and that’s plan for it.

Earth Networks: Automated Weather For Your Business

Getting Ready for a Storm

Earth Networks offers a weather alert system that can help you reduce the impact that bad weather has on your business, no matter where you’re located. With Sferic Maps, a collaborative weather dashboard, you can reroute supply shipments to minimize delays and stock up on inventory before the storm hits. Smart grocers and retailers can take advantage of impending weather conditions with pre-storm sales from stocked-up shelves or point prospective customers to your online site for easy, weather-free shopping from home. You can even make plans to help employees get to work.

Customize Your Storm Data

Sferic Maps features a variety of weather-watch functions that includes lightning strikes, alerts for dangerous thunderstorms, radar and temperature information and more. Each type of weather information is presented on a separate layer, all folding into one seamless weather picture for the geographic area you choose.

Select the information you want to see and then share it via broadcast to staff members in the field and/or at other sites. You can even add your own layer to the weather map with a customized drawing or other information. Since everyone can access the same visuals at the same time, this unique weather alert system allows you to make quicker decisions in preparing for the weather.

Worldwide Weather Stations

Earth Networks’ professional-grade weather stations number more than 12,000 and are located all over the world in the largest weather network anywhere. Each station updates weather data every two seconds, so you have the most accurate, real-time information you need to mitigate losses and plan for a successful business.

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