Outsourcing Mobile App Development – Things That Startups Must Know


For any beginner startup that is wanted to gain popularity and acceptance in the market, it is must to have its own system. It is important for all the startups to consider activities like hiring, training, brand structure, and outsourcing of mobile app development.

However, outsourcing a mobile app development is the most common practice that has been adopted by various startups to complete these tasks. In fact, a lot of startup entrepreneurs have started outsourcing virtually every single task.

Do you know there is a wonderful reason for this? Outsourcing is a great high level of productivity at relatively reduced costs. As per the recent study report by Inetics, it has been revealed that outsourcing can save companies 60% on overhead costs.

No matter what you wanted to outsource, it depends on the nature of your business and your goals, but it is important that you got a right outsourcing approach without having a risk of losing money and even putting your business at risk.

Outsourcing Mobile App Development – Things That Startups Must Know

Let’s suppose, you wanted to outsource the development of your mobile application as you don’t have the technical expertise required.

You may want professionals to handle things at a lower cost so that you can give attention to a higher revenue-generating task like marketing. The reality is that you can outsource every aspect of your business if you select, but considering how important one aspect—development—for every startup.

In this post, you can find some of the important things about outsourcing mobile app development that you should know:

Know What You Need from Your App

Before you hire any outsourcing mobile app development company, it is must that you have a precise definition of what you want from your mobile application. In case, if you do not have a clear definition of what your app is and what you wanted it to do, it will be difficult for you to discuss your requirements and communication with the outsourcing team.

Therefore, it is better to spend time on researching similar applications and note down all the points that you want your app to do:

  • Are you looking forward to integrating social media feature in your app?
  • Features that you wanted to add.
  • In-app purchases
  • Login features
  • Are you looking for a free or lite version and a premium version of the app?
  • Do you want your app to be compatible with Google Android platform or Apple’s iOS?

Once, you get the answers to all the latter questions, you can begin with searching a mobile app development company to outsource your project.

Selecting a Right Third Party to Work With

Developing a brand on which you feel proud needs careful efforts. The most important step would be deciding, who handles your development like app development. Are you going to hire any agency or freelancers? There are lots of startup entrepreneurs, who prefer to work with agencies.

In any case, if you have a small budget, it would be a good idea to consider going to a place like, where you can find a technical co-founder. You should always remember that you are going to hire an agency or individual freelancers as there are both pros and cons to each. Therefore, you can contact your research first.

Ensure That You Include Personalized Communication

If you do not have a guarantee of a personalized communication, you should not outsource development. As sooner or later, you may face some of the issues once the project will be finished.

If you want to have a seamless communication with the hired outsourcing company, you should be aware of the time-zone difference so that you can make a smart decision about hiring a right company to match your timings.

For instance, if you are based in Florida and you are in the process of hiring any agency or freelance in South Africa, you should comprehend well to when sending emails or give a call and submit a support ticket.

Make Sure to Get Regular Updates About the Progress of Project

Are you in control of your business? You should not be like all other CEOs and founders, who surrender to a third-party 100 percent control of their company’s development. It is not a right choice to do.

As outsourcing development becomes an important thing, you need to get regular updates so that you keep constant updates about the behind-the-scene processes. You should not be interested in just the result of the functional software either. Instead of this, you can get involved in the ongoing development.

You can deliver ideas, answer the questions, and give some suggestions also. You can learn a lot from the processes compared to the end-result. If you are unaware of software failure, or even some minute fact about app development, you may make irrelevant decisions.

So, these are the highly important things that you should consider while outsourcing your app development project to any outsourcing mobile app development company. These things can assure that you have hired a right company that will deliver an incredible solution.

This guest post is contributed by Mohd.Sohel Ather. He is a tech writer and content marketer who currently work with Space-O Technologies, a renowned application development firm with a global presence. One can hire experienced android developers also offers a wide range of other services namely iPhone app development, PHP development, Swift development, Python development, Django Python development and much more.

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