Review of Dell Inspiron 537s


Dell Inspiron 537sInspiron is a nice looking PC which would not be taking much space of your desk since it is highly beneficial for space strapped users, in total the performance of this system does not actually measure up for the applications nor 3D gaming.

The main specifications of this system are that there is a processor with a speed of 2.6 GHz and it is Intel Pentium (E5300). The total memory is 3GB and the storage capacity is 500GB on the hard drive. Following this the optical drives that this system has are DVD and RW. it does not come with a monitor which has to be bought separately. The graphics is the ATI RADEON High Definition4350 with 512 MB memory and lastly it operates on Windows Vista Home Premium.

Dell Inspiron will probably be highly attractive and will be catching so much attention with is nicely colored, sleek, smooth and shiny exteriors. However an old saying suggests that the beauty is only the skin deep which means that the exterior look of this system does not mean that the interiors are good too.

Obviously this PC can handle more than basic productive tasks and moderate entertainment duties and lightly features gaming. However this does not mean that you will only be getting these from your PC. You can simply upgrade it with some new and better additional features to be able to make it much faster performer and to better your experience.

The size of this system is 14.9 x 4.2 x 17 inch and they are priced starting from $299 up to $1000 which is determined by the hardware, software and some other features. The one reviewed in the review is the $619 Inspiron and it is powered by dual core Intel Pentium E 5300 with a speed of 2.6 GHz and again for those who are prepared to pay a little higher would be getting a better system. Those who are going to use this computer for casual use should find the 500 GB hard drive capacity enough to plan and store their videos, photos and some other files. However if you require a larger storage capacity then you could simply go for a 750 GB hard drive by paying $80 extra.

There are 2 USB ports, 1 headphone and 1 mic jack at the front where the power button is also housed. Looking at the back there is a swinging out door which houses optical drive and 1 19 format flash memo card reader which is hidden behind this door and also there are mic, audio line in and audio line out jacks and 4 more USB ports and 1 Ethernet port at the back.

This system, the Inspiron537s is one of those which could simply be played around to make it suitable for individuals’ expectations and preferences. if your choose to pay extra you can actually get some additional features or you can simply go for the one reviewed at only $619.

Pros: Dell Inspiron537S is a nicely designed good looking pc which has a wide range of color choice. Its compact design provides a neat use and there is HDMI port which makes this system better than its rivals.

Cons: The productivity of this system is unexceptional and the 3D fame performance is not so great. The expanding and the upgrading potential are limited and lastly there is no GIGABIT Ethernet available.

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