How To Create A PAD File


PAD files are used to provide a community standard for describing software or eBooks across the Internet and to provide some synchronization for software between developers and promotion entities. PAD stands for Portable Application Description and is overseen by the Association of Shareware Professionals. PAD files make it possible to update the files from one location on the developer’s website server or servers.

PAD files are created from PAD generation software or freeware. To find PAD generation software all one has to do is to search for the terms PAD generation software on the Internet. PAD files contain commonly requested data on a software program, most software download sites not only support, but often times demand the information in a PAD file format. PAD uses the Extensible Markup Language making the data easy to extract by an XML toolkit. It is possible to add extra information in the PAD file just by inserting the extra data in the Hypertext Markup Language. It is possible to access any necessary information about a downloaded file from the PAD file without having to contact the author or developer directly.

How to create a PAD file

1.    To create a PAD file I first downloaded a PAD Generator from the Internet and installed it on my computer.
2.    I opened up the PAD Generation software.
3.    I started filling out the required company information for the PAD file. It is important to fill out all the information and do it correctly otherwise the file may not be accepted. You want the PAD file to be accepted by as many download sites as possible especially if the file is going to be used to help promote a website, a program, or an eBook. The website URL and the email address are only two of the many pieces of information that goes into the PAD file. The PAD file also helps to build credibility for your company, so keep this in mind.
4.    I then filled in the information for the software I had programmed including the version, the software name, and the type of software it was.
5.    In the Configuration Tab, select the settings you want to allow for your software and the PAD files.
6.    I filled in all the different description fields and avoid special characters or symbols as they may not be displayed or read correctly by different software sites.
7.    Fill out and include the distribution agreement whether it is freeware or software.
8.    Verify all the information is correct and double check your grammar. Bad grammar is often looked at badly and can detract from credibility. Use a validator to make sure the file is valid.
9.    Generate the PAD file. The file can now be stored on your website or be downloaded to software sites. It may be a good idea to zip the PAD file before uploading it to your website or a download portal.
10.    Promote your file to as many download portals as possible. There are PAD promotion tools available on the Internet and many are free.

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