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Alarm Clock PlusV2How unfortunate it is when the alarm app fails to wake up the person reviewing it surprisingly two days in a row. It is more saddening when the alarm simply goes off in the middle of a phone conversation forcing one to cut off the caller. And again how annoying it gets when the computer browser detects malware that may adversely affect it. This can seem like a very inconveniencing situation for many, especially in the morning when you want to get your day started.

Please be introduced to the Alarm Clock PlusV2 and it’s features.

In the last year, many have been using the standard Android alarm. It has worked well for them in terms of reliability. However, with the introduction of Alarm Clock Plus V2 some opted to try it out due to it’s increased features.

First and foremost what would draw your attention to the Alarm Clock PlusV2 is the fact that the alarm music starts softly and grow louder and louder. The Alarm Clock Plus V2 also provided the option for one to wake up to entirely complete albums and playlists.

Another attractive feature is one that makes you solve a maths problem before the alarm can go off. This is amazing as it ensures that you are totally awake. The choice of the number of maths problems to solve and their intensity is yours.

Sadly enough a situation came up whereby on the third and fourth day of using the alarm it just did not sound. The first thought was that their was a mistake but it repeated the same thing again. This was caused by a bug which would reset the maximum alarm volume to zero when it was switched from a song to an album. This of course got many devastated about this app.

Early the next morning, when on the phone the alarm went off. The vibration in the ear simply made the conversation impossible. This required ending the call and solving a math problem and then calling the person back. The assumption would be when one is on the phone they are very much alert and the alarm should beep just once or twice.

Unfortunately, this app needs improvement so as to make it reliable and user friendly. The developer has got to work very hard on this app so as to improve on it’s weaknesses and make it ready to go into the market. Definately individual experiences may differ from one person to another. The Alarm Clock Plus V2 is very popular in the Android Market, but buyer’s seek to get more information.

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  1. I recommend Alarm Clock Xtreme. It has many similar options, plus some different ones. It is also more reliable and easier to use. The free version now has all the features of the paid version but is ad supported.

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