Dots for Tots – A Must Have for Children!


Dots for Tots – A Must Have for ChildrenThey are those days when you have to entertain children. By children I mean those below pre- school. These kinds of situations may arise due to different factors such as baby sitting and the like. Whatever may cause this is not of importance, but what you would be looking at is how to ensure you keep these children thoroughly entertained. Definitely, for this age group Google Earth, FaceBook and Sporcle would not do the trick. It is at times like this that you would consider having the apps like the Dots for Tots.

What is Dots for Tots? Dots for Tots is a game that is played using the iPhone or iPad.  As the name suggests, the game is simply a collection of dot-to-dot pages that include shapes, letters, numbers and animals. With the use of the numbers 1 to 10 and the iPhones touch screen interface, you would be required to trace and connect the dots to form an image. One essential factor is that the children must be able to recognize numbers and be able to know their numerical order otherwise it will simply not work out well. Alternatively, if the children have played this game before, understood it and mastered the skill then it will work out well for them as they play.

Dots for Tots goes further than dealing with the basic shapes like circle, square, triangle and rectangle. More complex shapes such as oval, rhombus, heart and star are also covered. The Color Me app has similar animals included to those of Dots for Tots. Animals such as the whale, seal and octopus. Dots for Tots has got a very colorful page that is appealing to young children. The numbers included are one to nine and the entire twenty six letters of the alphabet.

One prominent setback is that Dots for Tots does not have an undo or clear screen button. Kids are usually less controlled than adults and can therefore make mistakes often. It therefore gets frustrating when the game has to start all over again due to a slight mistake here and their. Other than this everything else about the game seems fine and fun.

Before you buy Dots for Tots you can test it. Dots for Tots is available in a free version. Test the free version first, like it and then buy it. You can also download more collections for an extra $0.99.Dots for Tots is definitely worth the purchase. It is entertaining to the kids and offers goals and rewards. Therefore, if you think that in the near future you will be faced with situations where you have to entertain young children, then Dots for Tots is a must have.

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