The Hottest Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors Become A Reality


It’s not long ago when rumors about Galaxy S5 by Samsung started spreading like fire on the web. Most readers ignored them, discarded them and didn’t pay any heed, as they seemed overwhelming claims of the news sources. But here comes the twist. All the alleged rumors now seem to become a reality for Samsung Galaxy S5. Yes, the specifications, release date and even the price leaks have now become clearer and we can certainly say more users are finding interests in them.

The Hottest Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors Become A Reality

If we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date, it’s not too far away. Believe it or not, the fame of S4 Smartphone is long gone, and the Korean firm is not going to wait till 2014 to release the most hyped device, Samsung S5. There is hardly any user of Galaxy S4, who is not looking forward to its successor. This is majorly because of the fact that the most talked about smartphone technologies like Youm Organic Display and Infrared sensors are going to be introduced in Galaxy SV. The addition of FM Radio, 4G Capabilities and a bigger RAM will add icing to the cake. You would probably have the confirmed report by next month regarding the 128 GB inbuilt memory and the fingerprint sensor technology as well.

Finally we also know about the “Design 3.0” in S5, which has been specially added to give a new looks to the device. It not only involves the external modifications, but some internal ones as well. For instance, Galaxy S5 will have a bigger and better display. The UHD technology will make its way in the device this time. So you can be sure that your eyes will remain safe while you use your smartphone, as this technology emits lesser radiations as compared to other technologies introduced in various smartphone displays. There is no doubt Samsung is putting its best foot forward, thanks to the tough competition it can expect from Apple and Google near the release of Galaxy SV. But it also has the potential to win a large chunk of market with its top notch technological innovations.

Coming to the price, there is no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be more expensive than its predecessor in Galaxy S Android smartphone series. The top notch battery backup, dashing look and a majorly upgraded professional shooter are some of the large list of reasons which will result in a price hike. But if you are a smartphone lover, then this should not be a problem for you. Galaxy S5 will also be available with contracts from major networks like AT&t, Sprint, T Mobile and Verizon. Most importantly, a leaked news recently informed us that Samsung is planning to hold a big launch event for Samsung S5, in which it will open the big surprise for the readers.

So, if you are interested in this superb smartphone, keep yourself well informed about the preorders. You can look at the Samsung Galaxy S5 leaked images online and decide for yourself whether this brilliant smartphone suits your personality. We bet, it will.

Visit here for latest Galaxy S5 news, specifications, release-date and price leak information.

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