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After accidentally downloading a virus that corrupted all my precious data, I became acutely aware of the inadequacies of my antivirus program. I needed a dependable, reliable and comprehensive antivirus suite. That’s when my friend told me about VIPRE internet security 2013, so I thought I’d give it a try. I must admit, at that point, I had become very skeptical of all antivirus programs, but using Vipre Internet Security put my mind to ease.

Free Trial period

The first thing that I really liked about VIPRE internet security is that it’s free to download for a 30 day trial period. You are not compelled into making a purchase upfront! Instead you can take your time drawing up your own evaluation about, how well the program is aligned with your specific needs and requirements. The trial version is comprised of comprehensive protection features that shield the system against spyware, viruses and protect email and incoming messages.

Easy to install, easy to use and low on system resources

VIPRE is truly a layman’s delight! You don’t have to consult lengthy user manual to install it neither does it take hours for installation. The installation process is fairly simple; it doesn’t require constant user input and is finished within a few minutes. My previous antivirus was very heavy on system resources. It slowed down my laptop considerably, but such is not the case with VIPRE. A complete scan of my laptop was done in under an hour during which I continued to do my routine work. VIPRE is also very easy to use with a graphic interface that makes all the vital options and operations readily available at a click. You don’t have to sift through various options to locate that specific one you are looking for.

Protection against threats

VIPRE provides the most comprehensive protection against all kinds of threats. With VIPRE, you get layers of protection where each serves a particular purpose to safeguard your PC. The first layer provides ample protection against malware by updating patches and covering up loopholes in applications, which are mostly exploited by malwares. The second layer strengthens the web filters and puts any suspiciously behaving file into quarantine for analysis. The third and final layer is a contingency layer which scans for any malware, virus or other harmful entity that might have slipped pass the first two layers. During my scan, VIPRE detected and successfully rooted out a rootkit which had embedded itself deep in my operating system and was not detected by my previous antivirus.


I can say with confidence that VIPRE provides an extremely effective protection against all conceivable threats to your system. I would definitely recommend VIPRE for everyone who wants to free themselves from constantly worrying about their system security and integrity! I’ve found it the best among all I have used. As it’s free to try, I strongly recommend to have a go at it. For more information, you can check

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