Samsung Omnia II


Samsung Omnia II

The smart phone industry is probably one of the more dynamic, active and constantly evolving field of human endeavor. This fact is supported by the constant and steady flow of smart phones every now and then. Manufacturers have also been innovating regularly by launching new products to the amazement of its users.  One of such revolutionary product in the smart phone genre which has invaded the market by storm is the Samsung Omnia II. From its name, it can be implied that the Samsung Omnia II had its genesis from its predecessor, the first Samsung Omnia. Since its inception to the market, the Samsung Omnia II has generated a lot of interest from mobile phone users which eventually translated into sales. With the way the trend is unfolding, it looks like the phone will continue to inch its way into a bigger share in the smart phones market pie.

There are many plausible reasons for the commercial success of the Samsung Omnia II. To know more about this feat, read on.

The Samsung Omnia II is considered as one of the “super phones” in the smart phones category. It boasts of the Windows Mobile 6.5 platform coupled with Samsung’s own technology, the Touchwiz 2.0 UI. As a result of the use of the Windows platform, the Samsung Omnia II is known to work well with MS Exchange, MS Office for Mobile and similar applications. Integration with Google is also easy and seamless.  Moreover, one of the major strengths of the phone is that it is very easy and convenient to navigate unlike the other smart phones out there. With the “user-friendliness” of the Samsung Omnia II, its user need not even read the manual in order to enjoy and appreciate fully its features.  In addition, for those users who want a smart phone that is immediately functional without having to download applications, the Omnia II is the best gadget to buy because each unit of the phone already comes with the essential applications that every mobile phone user requires. It has a memo application, an application to play audio and video media, currency conversion application, internet browser, chat application, email and other useful applications. The Samsung Omnia II has been designed to the extent that the user will not find the need to go to a store to buy applications.

There is one downside, however, that is going against the Samsung Omnia II. Despite the fact that it uses the Windows platform, this is somehow not evident in the Samsung Omnia II because it has incorporated its own technology in the design. Consequently, if a user is a hardcore Windows Mobile aficionado and is inclined to the traditional Microsoft interface, the Samsung Omnia II might not be a source of delight for such mobile phone user. Further, due to the numerous applications installed in the Omnia II, it can sometimes be confusing which of these applications should be used.

Finally, whether or not you should buy the Samsung Omnia II is absolutely your choice. If your basis will be the benefits of the Windows Mobile platform, then another type of smart phone should probably be considered. However, if the technology of the Touchwiz 2.0 is something that will work wonders, then, it is strongly suggested that you buy the Samsung Omnia II.

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