LG Incite


LG Incite

With the growing trend today in the world of smart phones, it is undeniable that mobile phones with touch screen capabilities are starting to rule and shape the smart phone industry. The advent of the Omnia, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro and the recently launched Blackberry Storm are manifestations that touch based mobile phones are here to stay. Due to the increasing demand for this type of smart phone, many mobile phone manufacturers have been quick to recognize this potential and are capitalizing on this opportunity. One of these manufacturers that has recently joined the smart phone bandwagon is LG. In fact, just recently, a revolutionary smart phone has been introduced to the market.  This brand new smart phone is known as the LG Incite.

There are a few number of features which makes the LG Incite appealing to a certain group of users. While its functionality may not be different with that of the other smart phones, still, the Incite stands its ground in the face of stiff competition. The more notable features of this mobile gadget include a high-resolution display screen which provides a crystal clear viewing to its users. Most users of this gadget have found that the monitor has crisp and vibrant colors which make the viewing of photos and videos such a joy to do. In addition, it also has sensor for proximity and it has been made from lightweight materials which contribute greatly to its portability. Aside from these top-of-the-line features, the LG Incite boasts of superb bundled software which includes Microsoft Voice Feature and a PDF application.

As to the downsides of the LG Incite, there are quite a number of them. First, the phone does not have that aura of class and elegance. This is made evident by the use of too much plastic in its design. Second, the frequent use of a stylus may be needed. This condition is further compounded as there is no dedicated area on which the stylus may be kept. And third, the photos produced by the camera are not of excellent quality. The images are not crisp and sharp. At best, the photos are nothing extraordinary that photo enthusiasts will rave about.

In conclusion, the LG Incite is not as awesome as the other smart phones like HTC Touch Diamond or the Samsung Omnia but it is still able to deliver a relatively stable and good performance. Unlike the other smart phones in the market, the LG Incite does not have that extraordinary features and functionality which will create a jaw dropping experience from its users. Moreover, in the way that the Incite was designed, it looks more like a feature phone instead of one which belongs in the smart phone genre. Having said all of these, the LG Incite does not appear to be a good match for those who crave for the exciting smart phone experience. Buying this product will certainly be a cause for disappointment for those who are expecting the functionalities of the traditional smart phone.

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