Asus ET2410-06


When talking about desktops, there needs to be at least two cores for a flawless experience. The Asus ET2410-06 is a $900 touchscreen desktop that has an Intel Core i3 processor that can meet that expectation.

The ET2410-06 is very handy for a desktop. It makes us of a wireless keyboard and mouse which makes things a lot easier particularly in the packing up and transport of the desktop. Its stability is not very good though. Tapping the screen quickly will result in it shaking for a couple of seconds. In other desktops, the damping is good enough such that it quickly stops moving after a second or two.Screen bouncing is not really a big problem. It is just a little annoying at times.

Features are almost perfect save for one that is missing which will be mentioned later. At the moment, the Asus ET2410-06 is very adept with two USB 3.0 ports and four USB 2.0 ports. One of those USB 2.0 ports doubles as an eSATA port. For video, there are input and output HDMI ports and a VGA-in port. These are useful for transmitting data from other sources and viewing it on the monitor.

The missing feature that actually ruins the entire package is WiFi. If you think about it, they took the time to include a wireless keyboard and mouse in the package. Sadly, you will end up using wires just to connect to the internet. This is the biggest flaw in the system which actually makes it a turn-off for people who are dependent on WiFi. Built-in WiFi would have troubled the user less as the Ethernet cable is disregarded. It is also possible to connect a WiFi adapter but that is a totally unnecessary expense considering that other $900 desktops already have Wifi built in.

Performance-wise, the Asus ET2410-06 is fine. The Intel Core i3 processor is complemented well by the 4GB memory installed. It also comes with a 1TB hard drive that is not cluttered with bloatware. There is also a DVD optical drive which is fine but a Blu-ray drive would have been better. Blu-ray quality video would look great on the 23-inch monitor that is capable of 1080p HD.

In conclusion, the Asus ET2410-06 is not that bad if you do not plan on moving it regularly. The lack of WiFi connectivity is clearly a problem for most consumers. Regardless, if you have uninterrupted wired Ethernet at home, this desktop would make for a nice entertainment system.

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