How Not to Return an iPad


We found this little gem of a candid camera recording currently making the rounds on video hosting sites. Apparently, this Best Buy customer was not happy with his iPad’s lack of “free Wi-Fi”, and attempted to return the tablet to the store. When his request was initially declined despite his claims of having a receipt, the customer decided it was time to go Super Saiyan on anyone with a name tag. The Geek Squad is used to customers with MPLS security problems. Maybe once in awhile, they even have someone go on a tirade over lack of VPN services options. But it’s doubtful they were ever prepared for this:

Despite the verbal assaults and the fact he called the floor manager every name in the book (including his actual name, “You piece of $%&@ Brendan general manager!”), if the man had his receipt and a returnable product, he would’ve probably managed to walk out of there with his money back minus the iPad. Ultimately, it would have been in the store’s best interest. But then, at 1:40 in the video, the customer lets his anger get the utter best of him and he drops the iPad into the floor, and does it again later on. I’d say that just about voids the warranty, wouldn’t you?

As increasing numbers of blue-shirted employees hover around the man as he continues to go ballistic on Best Buy’s policies, law enforcement finally arrives to escort the unrelenting customer out of the store. What’s left is a sea of bewildered faces staring at each other, desperate to make sense out of the situation. How could anyone could get so angry over the red tape involved in returns?

Yet, questions remain regarding the specifics of his particular situation. Removing the anger and focusing strictly on the nature of his return attempt, figuring out who was right and who was wrong is not discernible.

Seriously though – free W-Fi? What kind of a rock was this guy living under?

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