The Emergence of Remote Oracle Database Administrators (DBA’s) and “De-Officing” the Traditional Office


Oracle Database Administrators (DBA’s) are accelerating the “remote revolution” in IT management and business technologies administration that began roughly two decades ago with the advent of the Internet. A remote Oracle DBA is typically the first responder to database issues and is responsible for the systems for a business, by monitoring and managing from a remote online location.

There are many benefits and motivations to consider in remote dba management. Staff augmentation for enhanced or total coverage is perhaps the most popular.  Most managers find huge benefits in the assistance in covering vacations or unexpected time off, alleviating financial staffing restrictions and the ability to offer 24x7x365 systems monitoring.Internal technical teams are often strained.  They are expected to work on larger project initiatives; and often don’t have the time or energy to engage in routine maintenance, tuning and performance testing. On the same note, busy business owners and managers are looking to focus on these larger projects also.  Budgeting, deadlines and a successful launch or key to success, and often take precedence over routine monitoring and maintenance. Remote database management assists in easing the strain in for both the technical employee and the manager; a fixed cost group of dba’s to manage your systems and free up internal resources.

Businesses investing in a remote dba service also typically gain access to a more diverse skill set for a fixed cost, which means they are gaining access to an Oracle professional services team with varying specialized skills rather than one or two individuals carrying total responsibility for all Oracle systems and the array of issues that can come about.There is also wide-ranging flexibility for a business to acquire the Database Administration services that best fit their business needs.  Most available plans include preventative maintenance, real-time 24×7 monitoring and critical alert response, as well as troubleshooting and optimization.  More experienced companies often provide consulting and planning services as well as licensing expertise. All of these benefits: staff assistance, access to expertise, and flexibility, lead to the bottom line, increased cost-efficiency.  All business owners are striving to cut costs without sacrificing expertise or database performance, and remote oracle dba’s deliver.

Business owners have been largely positive in their reviews of remote oracle dba services.

The advantages have been largely reported in no particular order:
1. Enhanced coverage or staffing benefits. Businesses can refocus not only their time, but also their hiring needs to more profit-making activities rather than the monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting activities associated with database management.
2. Access to specialized consulting, planning and licensing services. Technology changes at warp speed and there are so many options for so many facets of the total puzzle. Being able to consult with experienced Oracle database administrators can help a business prepare for growth and up-and-coming technologies.
3. Savings.  Using a remote Oracle dba service  provides you with the comfort of a fixed cost and flexible services package, saving thousands of dollars per year that would come with hiring additional internal staff.

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