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Web Design Fundamentals


Web design fundamentals should be based on providing a good user experience by using a well coded, clean modern design. Modern websites have elements of HTML coding and CSS coding. HTML coding can be thought of as all the little pieces which are then assembled together. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS helps web designers construct a uniform look over multiple pages of a web site. A good example would be that increasing the text size over all the pages of a website can be done using the CSS file of the website. A well coded web page should have its source code validated or checked for errors. Code errors can sometimes make parts of the web page not visible to users. Errors can also make the site slow to load.

Modern Design Of Websites

Modern designers seek to provide a good user experience for website visitors. When a user first clicks on a website the initial screen view is about 600 pixels in height, which is not very much. Modern website designers have come to realize this and seek to make the web page simple and uncluttered. A web page is much more like a comic book than a novel. Emphasizing a few noteworthy ideas is better than trying to cram in an overload of information. Statistics show that most viewers decide to stay or to leave a website in the first few seconds of viewing it, before they even read any text. A well designed website should be easy to navigate and to view. Page tabs should be easy to click on. The site should not have an overwhelming amount of ads. The user shouldn’t have a hard time discerning what is article content, and what is an advertisement. Studies have shown that a white or light colored background is much easier for viewers to read content than a black or dark background.

SEO Design Factors

A great website is of no value if no one ever sees it. Being SEO friendly is fundamental to good web design. This starts with picking the domain name for the site, and subsequent content added to the site. “SEO friendly” means building the site such that it gets easily found by the search engine “spiders.” Coding for the site should include elements that make it visible and easily accessed by search engines. Search engines read from top to bottom and also from left to right. So having a popular keyword as the first word in the header is much more important than the last word at the bottom of the page.

Modern web designers use principles of simplicity and ease of use to make SEO friendly and user friendly websites.

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