3 Security Tips to Get the Best Online


3 Security Tips to Get the Best Online
If you take a look at the history of the computer technology you will notice that one thing that keeps on increasing is the high number of people that are using the internet. It has been estimated that a very large percentage of the world population will start using the mobile internet before 2015 and this further shows that people are adapting to the internet technology. One thing that baffles me however is the increased rate of internet crime and security problems experienced constantly online. This article will be giving you some tips to get the best online without compromising your security.

1. Install a Solid Antivirus

It is a suicide mission to try to access the internet without having an antivirus installed on your computer. A lot of sites have now been set up for phising purposes and many sites have even been infected with iframes in order to be able to hack into the readers’ computer. It doesn’t matter how big or secure a site is, it can still be hacked, so make sure you never give the hackers a chance for you to be their victim.

Apart from installing a solid antivirus on your computer you should also make sure you consistently update your computer antivirus. This will make sure your antivirus can counter any hacking attempts made to your computer.

2. Always Use Strong Passwords

A few weeks ago news that took over the media is how the Gizmodo database has been hacked and what keeps on surprising me is the large percentage of insecure passwords that were on the list. A lot of people are using very weak passwords like “12345” for their emails and very important files online and they will end up complaining that their account has been hacked.

Do your best to ensure your password is as secure as possible, if possible, make your password a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols. Doing this will ensure it is impossible for hackers to hack your online accounts through a brute force attack or using a dictionary technique.

3. Be Careful With How You Open Emails and Download Attachments

This is another mistake most people, especially those new to the internet, make. You should know that not every email you receive is a friendly email or from someone that wishes you well and you should be careful with how you open emails that come to you. Even though it is impossible to infect viruses by reading emails you can easily infect a virus by downloading attachments from your email and one major thing hackers use these attachments to do is to take over your computer so that they can access any confidential file you have on your computer.

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  1. I always recommend Microsoft Security Essentials. It’s free and does the job just as good as the rest of the paid options. I would never recommend Norton its to intrusive.

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