Top Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers


Top Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Google chrome has the capacity and the abilities to improve and increase its functionality through extensions. It comes with a set of developers which makes the work of a web developer interesting and easy. Extension has the advantages of having various tools thus enabling the user to perform tasks which would have required switching to other applications. This saves time as the user is able to perform various tasks without leaving or switching to another browser or application.

Google chrome has gained popularity among web designers for the dynamic web features which increase productivity and speed of their operation. This saves time and speed up the processes applied to develop the web page.

Google chrome extensions

  • Firebug Lite: this is an essential tool for web developers that facilitates and allows debug, monitor CSS, edit, HTML and JavaScript live in a web page.
  • Color picker: this allows the web developer to adjust Hue, Balance and Saturation getting the Hex and RGB values of any desired color.
  • Domain availability checker: availability of a domain name is essential and this extension allows the search.
  • Lorem Ispsum Generator: used by the web developers to design dummy text for web design mockups.
  • MeasureIt: facilitates the measuring of the height and pixel width of a web page.
  • PlainClothes: this is the extension that styles the web giving differentiation to the visited links, unread links and the fonts are set as default.
  • Speed Tracer: identifies and solves problems in the web applications through visualizing the metrics picked from other lower levels points of instrumentation.
  • Snippy: saves important web pages and snippets saving the formatting and rich content for future use.
  • Aviary Screen Capture: applications assist in taking any screen shot and editing the screen directly on the browser.
  • IE Tab: used to display web pages without leaving the chrome. Assist the web developers who want to use explorer to view local files.
  • Resolution test: allows the web developers to view their web pages using different resolutions.
  • Eye Dropper: this extension functions like the color picker allowing the web developer to pick color from desired web page.
  • Pendule: operates in extending the already existing built in developers of chrome.

There are other extensions that assist in time management for those who work online are in danger of spending more time on the social networks. Stay focusd is an add-on that limits the user on the time spent on the social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and Reddit which are entertaining in nature.

Read Later Fast is an extension which organizes the contents which the user is interested in and is saved in a separate interface for use later on. It is simple to use as you just right click on the item to be read later and save the content.

Google chrome extensions has come in to safe many web designers in increasing their daily output and easing the tasks at hand with speed and accessibility

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