The HTC Droid DNA vs. The Samsung Galaxy S II: Can HTC Beat Samsung?


Samsung has long had a reputation of building quality, reliable electronics. And that goes for their cell phones too. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S III is widely considered by experts to be the best mobile phone currently on the market. HTC on the other hand are somewhat of the new guy in town. However, in the last few years HTC has worked hard to build a reputation that is beginning to equal that of Samsung. With phones to match everyone’s needs, and everyone’s pocket book as well, HTC have built a vast range of models, some of which are very nice indeed. We wanted to know if HTC really could take on Samsung in a head to head battle. So we pitched the HTC Droid DNA against the Samsung Galaxy S II, similarly priced and marketed handsets, to see how they compared…

What the HTC Droid Can Do for You…
There were indeed a few areas where the HTC Droid won out. When it comes to power and speed, the HTC is streets ahead of the Samsung. The Droid runs a faster processor (1500 MHz compared to 1200 MHz), meaning that the phone itself is faster, more powerful and more responsive. As well as that, it runs double the RAM of the Samsung (2MB compared to 1MB), which not only helps with the responsiveness of the handset, but also makes the phone better able to handle multi-tasking. Plus, the maximum data speeds are around three times faster on the Droid, making for quicker downloads and faster opening of web pages. The Droid also has a far better screen. Firstly, it’s bigger, coming in at a full five inches, compared to the Samsung’s 4.3 inch screen. Then, the Droid has a five and a half times higher resolution to its screen, plus it has double the number of PPI (pixels per inch). This results in a display that’s brighter, crisper and clearer than that of the Samsung, and it really is a noticeable difference.
What the Samsung Galaxy S II Can Do for You…
When compared to the Droid DNA, the Galaxy S II was actually a bit of a disappointment. If portability is your thing, then the Samsung won out in that category. It comes in smaller, thinner and lighter than the Droid (by around twenty per cent). But remember that the Galaxy also has a smaller screen, which you might regret when you see the two phones side by side. Plus, the Samsung comes with a Super AMOLED Plus screen. Technically, this should mean that the Galaxy has a better picture quality, since AMOLED screens are far more vivid than the old fashioned LCD screens which the Droid has. However, because the difference in resolution and PPI is so big, this isn’t really the case, and the Droid still has the better picture quality.
The Droid Takes the Trophy…
Not only can HTC hold its own against Samsung, but they can in fact beat them. The HTC Droid DNA was a far better phone than the Samsung Galaxy S II, and considering that they’re around the same price, a far better buy for you. If you’re choosing between these two handsets then definitely go for the HTC, our outright winner.

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