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Six Daily Habits for Effective Social Media Marketing


There are so many actions a social media marketing manager should perform in daily basis. These actions are very important to keep on going the social media marketing site successfully. The problem is the number of things to be done by a social media marketing manager increases every day. A proper plan is necessary to keep things run smoothly without a collapse. So a good action plan is necessary. Also need to connect new customers and make sure they revisit. Updating your profiles and keep them attractive is also very important. So to make sure you are not overwhelmed with all these tasks we have a suggestion of daily habits for you. These are a result of years of experimenting about social media marketing. So we hope they are good enough to keep your social media business in an optimized level.


  • Check your social media profile every day.

Well this is a very simple but useful step to follow. It is also the primary requirement for the building of a successful social media marketing business. Some companies and social media marketing persons do not follow this rule. Some of them just don’t visit on daily basis and try to maintain with less frequent visits. But it only loses your important clients. It doesn’t matter the type of social media profile you use. It could be Facebook, Twitter or Google +. Visiting and updating it daily is a key requirement for the success of your business.

  • Respond to messages from your clients as soon as possible.

No matter what you cannot ignore a direct massage from your fans or potential followers or clients. These massages could be a Facebook massage, A post to your face book wall, A direct twitter massage or a massage or wall post in your Google + profile. The one golden rule which is common for any of these massages is the same. Respond to it as soon as possible. The massage should be accurate and useful too. You cannot give those pieces of garbage as a respond. The success of your social media marketing management actually relies on the quality of these responses; that response will decide if they become a follower of you or not.

  • Post contents to encourage conversation.

This is a very important step. You can use your imagination or creativity to post such contents and keep your followers active. You must be able to encourage interactions among your clients/followers. This could be asking a creative question, sharing an interesting blog post or article, sharing or commenting a recent and latest interesting news item or posting an interesting picture or video. Ask your followers to share their idea about your post. Make sure many of them are connected actively with your post. It shall keep your profile live and beneficial.

  • Try to find out new followers.

It should be a prime target of your day-today activities. If you do not do it properly your social media market shall be a big-time failure. After a while it will not be a very hard target to find out new followers. They will initially join with you. All you have to do is keep your profile interesting and useful. But for a starter it will be little difficult. But with some courage one can do it successfully. It will not happen overnight. A good level of patience is necessary too.

  • Search for branded terms of your social media company.

It is also important to find out if there are any misspellings or abbreviations.

  • Use latest techniques

All social media sites are updating regularly. Give up old techniques when they introduce a new one. Keep up with them and make sure you are protected with their best security offers. You cannot find out these if you are not visiting the profiles every day.

Austin R. is an IT Professional from He has passed SY0-301 test. Currently he preparing for VCP510 test. He likes to write about technology and social media.

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