Apps to Protect Your Kids in Online World


Today kids are habitual to live in online world more than the world around them. It means they spend most of time in online activities rather than just going with their friends to have fun. This thing creates news issues for parents as online world is full of threats and scams. In this situation what they can do for the protection of their kids in online world is to use various apps specifically design for this task. By considering the appropriate apps, the phone of your child could simply become an essential tool in terms of keeping them safe whenever they are not with you. If you would like to know the perfect apps, then here are given some useful apps for kid’s protection online for you to consider:

Bullguard Mobile Security

You came across being a teen and you had also vowed that you would never be as curious as your parents would. However, as being a parent, you definitely know that there would be times in which you need to watch in order to keep up your kids in a safe ground. Well, this Bullguard Mobile Security is actually a parental supervision app that would let you in terms of monitoring everything in which your child does right on his phone all through the interface of the World Wide Web. Right from the web, you could surely view the logs of all inward and outward calls and be able to read the text messages he or she has received or sent and be able to monitor all of the images being received via MMS, which has been taken by the camera of the phone or those which has been saved online. So, when you ever suppose that your kid is then receiving any sort of inappropriate messages, you could then set up the alerts notifying you when there have been some keywords appearing into the e-mails and texts.

Concussion Response and Recognition

As a growing part of your kid, there have been some bruises and bumps he or she may experience. This happens most particularly when your kid is an active one, yet getting head injuries could simply become very dangerous. Moreover, the app would simply assist you in terms of making informed decision regarding on how to get through right after the injury. This way, you would have the best of idea as to what you should do.


At some point, your kids just want to hang with their friends out. So, if you would like something that could help you monitor him or her, it would be best for you to make use of this App. It could help them, as it serves as an adviser for safety. It will even help them stay on the phone with them until they are all safe and has already reached up their destination.


This app is intended for only one important thing, it helps your kids prevent teens from sending texts when they are in a moving car. It simply runs a background and could surely notice how rapid the phone is moving.

So, if you would like to know how to protect your kids, considering those tips mentioned above would be a good thing.

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