HTC Tilt 2


HTC Tilt 2

In an arena which is characterized by stiff competition, the best strategy to survive and stand out from the rest of the pack is to continuously introduce innovation. Many have tried this strategy but there is one manufacturer which has been making headways in terms of innovating its smart phones. This manufacturer goes by the name of HTC.  The penchant of HTC to innovate and tweak its products is exemplified when it recently launched the HTC Tilt 2-an extraordinary and superb addition to its growing list of smart phones.

The HTC Tilt 2 has been packed with outstanding features that are sure to enhance the mobile phone experience of its users. Despite the added features, the HTC phone stayed true to its predecessor as regards the operating system. Aside from its current operating system, the HTC Tilt 2 is in more ways the same as the other smart phones in the market today. Its claim to fame is backed by a host of solid features found in most of the smart phones nowadays. It is equipped with a highly-sensitive touch screen with a size of 3.6”.  With an 800 x 480 resolution, the phone will certainly capture the fancy of every mobile user. It also boasts of a haptics technology mechanism and an accelerometer. It is laden with more value-adding features such as the reliable and superb TouchFLO 3D interface which is considered a beauty, exciting and relatively easy for the fingers to use. In addition, the HTC Tilt 2 is endowed with a Straight Talk speakerphone located in the rear portion, a huge QWERTY keyboard which is perfect for typing or encoding and connectivity with 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS systems. Further, the phone works on 528MHz Qualcomm Processor with 288 megabytes of memory and 512 megabytes of flash Read Only Memory. These and many other specifications and features make the HTC Tilt 2 an appealing gadget that every mobile user could lust for.

There have been very limited criticisms published about this latest smart phone offering from HTC. The more notable of which is its size. Many complained that the HTC Tilt 2 is relatively heavy as compared to the other smart phones of its kind. Further, its camera could also use some improvement. The quality of the pictures is somehow poor especially when there is no adequate lighting.

Given all these pros and cons about the product, should you buy the HTC Tilt 2?

The HTC tilt 2 is basically worth the money that you will spend on it. It is an outstanding smart phone. Many people who have bought and used the phone have declared that they liked the functionality of the product. Its speed is generally swift and its touch screen is highly sensitive and responds well even with the slightest of touch. Web surfing is further enhanced and optimized with the 800 x 480 display resolution. Sending and receiving email messages, retrieving and working Microsoft Office files have also been made easier with the HTC Tilt 2. What more could you ask for given all these top-of-the-line features?

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