5 Reasons Teachers Should Use Blogs In The Classroom


The controversy over social media in the classroom has been a hot topic of debate. Some people only see social media as a distraction for students with no need in the classroom, and others praise it for its ability to connect students and teachers outside of the classroom.

One social media tool that can be a great addition to the classroom is the use of blogging, and here’s why more and more teachers should jump on board.

Children can learn on their own time.
Blogging allows information from the classroom to be shared at home. This means that if a child needs extra help, they can revisit the lectures and assignments through the blog. This is especially great for students who may miss school due to illness or vacations. Instead of needing to stay after class to learn about what they missed, they can access the blog.

Everyone can get involved.
Blogs allow comments, and these comments can be used to share information with others. Some students are too shy to share their knowledge, thoughts and ideas in front of the class, but they may be more willing to share this information online. Plus, other students can use the blog to learn from their other classmates. And if these blogs are set up to be viewed publicly, students can be helping other students across the world who are learning about the same topics.

Blogs improve reading and writing skills.
Teachers should not be the only ones who post to the blog. They should also allow their students to submit their work through the blog. Doing so allows these students to improve their writing and reading skills. Students will need to read through course materials instead of having it lectured, which helps their reading ability. And if students need to write their own blog posts or comment on other blog posts, the blog will force them to improve their writing in order to ensure they’re detailing information that makes sense to their teachers and classmates.

You can gain insight from outsiders.
If your blog is public, other students, teachers and educators can find your blog and leave comments. This means that your students have the ability to learn new information from outside sources, giving them another perspective on certain topics.

Blogs can minimize expenses.
Everyone knows that teachers spend a great deal of money on supplies for their classrooms, and parents spend a great deal of money on supplies for their children. Using a blog in the classroom can help cut down on some of these expenses. There is no need to spend money on writing utensils and paper. Instead, all students need is access to a computer, which most homes, schools and libraries are already equipped with.

Blogging can be a great tool to use in the classroom. It is beneficial to students, teachers and parents, and can greatly improve a child’s education by allowing them to learn outside of the classroom, learn from others and even improve their writing and reading skills, as well as knowledge on the subject at hand.

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